Improve focus, support, and accountability.

Humans are notoriously poor at self-regulation and self-assessment.

We procrastinate, cut corners, and convince ourselves we’re doing everything we can. Yet, it’s been demonstrated over and over again, we do more and we do better when we have help or an audience. As an example, runners run farther and faster when they have partners or an audience, like team members or spectators with signs along the course. We do it at work too. This phenomenon even has a name: social facilitation. Essentially, we do more and we do better when we have an audience.

When you work with a trusted partner or mentor, you have a critical resource for maintaining and improving your focus and level of performance. Continuous improvement over time compounds value and pays bigger and bigger dividends.

As an example, my client River recently honored me with the following positive feedback. Thank you, River!

“It’s been fabulous working with Dylan. As an entrepreneur and a leader in my company, I have a million things I need to do and there’s always fires to put out and sometimes I lose sight of what is the most important thing I need to do to move the needle in my business. Dylan helps me hone in on what’s the most important thing I need to focus on and he is able to be really straight with me in a way that I can hear it. So even though he might not be saying something I want to hear because of the way he’s able to be in relationship and say it in a way that’s kind, I can hear it and therefore I can implement and solve the problem. If I couldn’t hear it, I wouldn’t have insight into my behavior.”

River E.
River E. Headshot
River E. Headshot
What is your purpose in life? Find your purpose. Clarify-your-purpose-and-align-your-priorities-so-you-can-confidently-focus-on-your-key-priorities-in-every-situation.-1
Find your purpose in life. Clarify your purpose and align your priorities so you can confidently focus on your key priorities in every situation.

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Hi, I’m Dylan Cornelius.
I was passed over for promotions four times in three years, every time passed over by a peer. My marriage was a wreck. I was obese and my doctor threatened to medicate me if I didn’t lose weight.
When I calculated the per-hour value of my overtime at work, the additional money in my bonus didn’t justify the costs to my health, relationships, and personal satisfaction.
After five years of hearing me complain, my brother told me to stop complaining or do something about it. I was stunned that it had been so long.
After a long and expensive search, I realized the quality of my relationships was poor and I wasn’t taking care of other people or myself.
When I committed to creating fantastic relationships and high-performing teams in every area of my life that mattered, my life transformed.
I was promoted. Now I’m picked to lead teams and frequently thanked for my contribution.
While my marriage didn’t survive, I met an amazing woman who trained me for my first two marathons, and now I do triathlons for fun. I lost 50 pounds and controlled my diet, allergies, and autoimmunity.
Now my “Honey Bunny” and I tour for weeks at a time on a tandem bike. Soon, we’ll cross countries and continents.
I created a Team Acceleration Blueprint based on my personal development journey and decades of education and experience building and leading teams at some of the best universities and companies on the planet.
I believe the world can work for everyone. It starts with clarity of purpose, fantastic relationships, and high-performing teams. I intend to help 10,000 people create an unfair advantage and achieve results they didn’t believe were possible too.

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