“It’s actually not painful to learn something, if you do it incrementally.”

–Yo-yo Ma

Use a project framework and tools to:

The Framework

3 Phases of Transformation:

    1. Plan your Purpose.
        1. Power
            1. Give yourself permission,
            1. Create a dashboard,
          1. Prepare to have fun,
          2. Reveal your written and unwritten, formal and informal policies. Rewrite those that hinder success.
      1. Purpose – Clarify your purpose.
    1. Plot your Path.
        1. Product – Define measurable outcomes.
        1. People – Name your stakeholders. See how they will help or hinder you. Create your team and a plan to manage it.
        1. Places – Name your environments. See how they will help or hinder you. Create a plan to manage your environment.
      1. Plans – Define actions that will move people and places to support success in your initiative.
  1. Perform and Produce.
      1. Practice – Execute plans. Take actions. Assess results. Modify plans. Repeat.
      1. Perform – See measurable progress. Measure it. Celebrate! 
    1. Produce – Experience meaningful, lasting results. Enjoy. Repeat!

Bedrock principles of the program

The framework enables anyone to quickly learn, use, and personalize fundamentals of sustainable change from:

“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”

–Oprah Winfrey

But Dylan, Will It Work For Me?