What would you do if you could use the innovation secrets of successful businesses in your own life?

This book can show you how you can easily apply the same tools and techniques in your own life.

You can use product development and agile management practices for nearly anything:

  • Self-development
  • Your Fitness plan
  • Eat better, Cut fat, and keep it off
  • Manage Chronic illness
  • Life problems
  • Help at work
  • Have a great life

You’ll get the following:

  • Learn how to easily find purpose so your motivation is clear and your goal is inspiring.
  • Create a plan so easy you can’t fail, so you can make continuous progress and easily keep moving forward.
  • See how to easily build a team so you are supported and inspired by people all around you.
  • Learn to be organized, so you know where you are in your plan, so does your team, and everybody’s working on the same things, at the same time, all pulling in the same direction.
  • Stay focused, so you’re always working on what’s most important, undistracted by the hundred things that are continuously begging for your attention.
  • 10 targeted guides, forms, templates, checklists, and tools that simplify the process and make it easily visible.

About the author

Dylan Cornelius spent nearly 30 years helping Fortune 500 companies build custom products that changed the lives of their employees and customers. Now he teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to manage change like the best businesses, get great results, and change lives with product development, continuous improvement, and agile management practices.

Not only does it help at work, but it also works for self-development, life problems, fitness plans, and chronic illness. In graduate school, he concentrated in “Management of Innovation” — after all, he worked in Silicon Valley. He grew up just down the road! It was there he learned the secrets used by the best businesses to change the world.

The thing is, it’s no secret: the problem is, nobody tells, and the rest of the world doesn’t even know to ask. When we work smarter, we don’t have to work so hard (but it helps)! Now you don’t have to ask: the secret is out!

In a failing marriage, overweight, and at a low point in his career, passed over four times for a promotion, watching grandparents die of strokes and heart attacks related to poor diet, lack of exercise, and excess fat, he realized he needed to make some changes, and he knew he could use his professional expertise in his own life.

He lost 50 pounds with a healthy diet plan and more exercise, ran marathons for triathlon training, then learned another definition of ‘healthy diet plan’ after an autoimmune diagnosis. Now he has a clarity of purpose and focus, and that’s why this book is here today!

You don’t have to rely on trial and error or hope. You don’t have to settle for less than you really want. Nor do you have to struggle or suffer. There’s a better way to get great results and change your life. Let Dylan show you how to manage change like the best businesses.

Get great results and change your life with product development, continuous improvement, and agile management practices.