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Have you quit a job?

Like a marriage or divorce, the end of a job — and even the relationship itself — can be a traumatic experience, leaving you questioning fundamentals of who you are, what you stand for, and what you want.

Have you quit a job?

My client, we’ll call her Elaine, quit a job she called an abusive relationship. While she was working 70 hour weeks and struggling, those around her were not. They were dumping work and obligations on her. They did not hear or listen or act on her concerns about work balance and task sharing. Her health and mindset were suffering. She believed there was no escape and no workable resolution. She left for her own psychological safety and health.

At her new job, she works a more “normal” schedule and wonders if she’s underutilized. While she receives positive feedback, she feels maybe she could do more.

Abusive relationships have a long-term impact and can leave us with unproductive and self-limiting beliefs long after the relationship ends, no matter who ends the relationship.

What has been your experience of job quitting?

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