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Great Results: The Three Critical Steps You Need to Take

Great Results: The Three Critical Steps You Need to Take

If you want great results in any career, three things make the most significant difference.

They’re right there in front of us all the time. People start teaching us these things, when we’re toddlers, literally. Yet, we don’t always see the connection. No one ever tells us how simple it is, or helps us see the connection why these things are important.

We end up developing other habits and behaviors that don’t always support our results quite as much.

These work! They work in any undertaking. They work in any area of your career or personal life.

Whether it’s personal results, professional results, or financial results, ultimately, it all comes back down to this simple trio of habits and actions.

1. Great results comes with clarity of purpose

The first thing that’s critical for great results is to define your purpose.

What do you want to achieve, and why do you want to achieve it?

It’s important to tell others about it and be willing to share it with them.

Too often, people aren’t successful and don’t get great results because they haven’t defined what they want. Until you begin to do that, no one else can support you, and no one can even understand what you want.

Until you’ve carefully, clearly, and precisely defined what you want, you don’t know what actions to take to deliver those results.

How do you “be rich”?

Some people “work harder”, but that’s not terribly specific — what exactly are they going to do? — and it rarely makes anyone wealthy beyond measure.

Some people become rich through several different approaches to real estate investment and management, others sell coffee, and still others sell products by mail. While the routes to “be rich” are quite varied, the thing they all have in common is a very specific business plan and operational model that delivers their specific products and services profitably, so the owner of the company receives a consistent profit.

As an example of a great result:

If you talk to five different rich people, you’re likely to hear five different answers about what made them rich, their primary goals, and the essential things to do.

We all have our favorite flavor. Do you want to be a real estate investor? Bitcoin entrepreneur? An online podcast? An influencer? Different actions are necessary for each of these businesses.

Until you’ve gotten clear about how you’re going to become rich or what you want to do, it’s hard to get great results.

2. Great results require a clear action plan

The second thing that’s critical is to create a plan.

How do you translate your purpose and those specific desired results into a plan of action that you can take, starting right now?

As you refine your plan, you begin to make progress that’s inspiring and inspires confidence. You make progress that you can share with others, and your confidence and enthusiasm become infectious.

People will often help you, except too often, we need clarification about what help we need. Therefore, we can ask, and they can’t help. In these cases, we need to go back to step 1 to refine our purpose. As we do, others will see more clearly how to help, and they’ll be able to help us refine and execute our plan.

Creating a plan that connects our definition of a great result, and our purpose, with things we can do, starting right now, makes a big difference in sustaining our plan.

Creating a plan enables us to make progress where it matters most!

3. Great Results start with Leadership that Inspires and Influences

The third thing that’s going to make a difference in your results is leadership skills.

Sometimes leadership has a negative connotation, but don’t let it be negative in your own mind because everyone’s got a different definition of results.

Sometimes you find leaders who are not so inspiring. Leaders don’t have to be jerks and they don’t have to be someone you don’t respect.

In fact, for you to get great results, your behavior has to align with your definition of purpose, with your definition of great results.

For many people, their definition of success aligns closely with the needs and desires of other people. They are vested in bringing other people onto their team as supportive teammates and advocates.

The important thing is that you do it on your terms with your specific approach and intentions behind it.

Great leadership starts with great relationships.

Kids can apply leadership skills.

It’s a set of thoughts and a set of actions that when taken consistently make us magnetically attractive.

People want to spend time with us.

Suddenly, we become influencers in a way we’d never been before.

Quite often, even if we’re good at these things, there’s usually something we haven’t been doing.

When we start doing it, thinking about it, and bringing it to life, we’ll see results that we simply haven’t even dreamed of before.

Clarifying our purpose and direction, creating a specific action plan, and using effective leadership skills are three things to do, to develop skills and habits, if you want to get great results.

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I would like to support you in this area. I have a Plan Creation Blueprint that will support you in putting your goals into a plan. It will enable you to see rapid progress in what you’re trying to accomplish.

With that, I also want to offer you another thing that will make a big difference for you.

Let’s Define your #1 focus!

Another thing that will make a big difference for you is a Personal Strategy Session where you can clarify your purpose.

We can define the #1 thing that you should be working on in the short term over the next several months if you really want to make the most significant impact and quickly achieve your great results.

I hope you’ll take advantage of it. It’s included in the Plan Creation Blueprint.

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Great results.

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