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10 things you need to know to get a good job now

10 things you need to know to get a good job now

10 things you need to know to get a good job now.
10 things you need to know to get a good job now.

Being a job seeker is challenging…

For a long time, I white-knuckled job searches and took the first job offered because I had student loans and other debts: I needed the money. Once, I simultaneously relocated cross-country and took a 60% pay cut after the dot com bubble burst.

The third time I was laid off, I knew I needed a better strategy… Another manager with the same company laughed when she offered me another job. She told me it had taken so long because they had to reclassify the role into a lower pay scale: I was only eligible for a raise once I’d been away from the company longer than 12 months.

I’ve worked for decades in and out of companies, understanding how companies drive managerial hiring decisions in a world of temporary contracting agencies, recruiting firms, compensation consultants, human resources departments, and shareholders who demand a payout every quarter.

For too long, job seekers and employees have labored on the losing side of an asymmetrical battle with an outsized, indifferent adversary.

Here are the 10 keys to get a good job

  1. Know yourself – Establish self-awareness and understand your fitness for specific roles rather than taking the first job available. 😰
  2. Strengthen your mindset — Manage the stress and fear that drives your money and career decisions. 🧠
  3. Know your role – Establish awareness of how a role fits in the broader organization rather than just writing a resume that matches the job description. 🎩
  4. Clarify your brand – Express who you are and your fitness for your desired job. 💄
  5. Ubiquitize your brand – Deliver your message everywhere a likely employer or advocate may be. 📞
  6. Meet people – Develop confidence as you create new relationships and get positive feedback. ☎️
  7. Choose your boss – Interview to understand the business and your future role in the company, rather than to “get the job.” 💍
  8. Negotiate confidently – Know the market for your skills and be in a solid negotiation position. 🛒
  9. Take your time – The bigger your hurry, the weaker your negotiation position. 🕰️
  10. Celebrate, knowing you got the best offer and the best job available! 🎉

There’s a better way to find the right job for you!

As a recruiter and manager, I’ve interviewed thousands and hired hundreds.

As a job seeker, I’ve interviewed for dozens of jobs and negotiated 40% salary increases.

Now, I’m helping to level the battlefield for mid-career managers who want to qualify for their best jobs ever.

Let’s create and execute a plan for your best career transition yet and get you on a path you genuinely deserve.

Here’s your action plan:

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I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, and helping you embark on your best career ever!

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There’s a better way to find the right job for you! Get noticed, interviewed, and hired into the best opportunity for you.

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