Where to Find Free Stock Photos

  • Are you looking for a royalty-free stock photo?
  • Do you need an image to throw into a presentation, post, or page?
  • Are you ready to finally have an easy starting point, for your next search for a “perfect image”?
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Where Can I Find A Free Stock Photo?

Thanks to paid advertising and misleading copyediting on web sites that sell photos, search engines do a lousy job identifying web sites that offer CC0 and free stock photos.

Here are more than 2 dozen free stock photo sites I’ve found in my research (plus some bonuses).

I’ve sorted in roughly the order I’ve found the most value. Sites I use the most are at the top; sites I use less often are toward the bottom. Because each has somewhat different themes and contributors, you may find you have different preferences.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

Thanks to everyone who’s shared these with me over the years (see credits at the bottom)!

Free Stock Photos

  1. Pikwizard.com
  2. pxfuel
  3. unsplash.com
  4. pexels.com
  5. pixabay.com
  6. Google Images (filtering with Tools > License > Labeled for reuse).
  7. pxhere.com
  8. Megan Stewart’s resource list
  9. ThemeIsle.com
  10. rawpixel.com
  11. StockSnap
  12. Take your own
  13. KaboomPics
  14. Libreshot
  15. Negative Space
  16. Life of Pix
  17. ISO Republic
  18. Picjumbo
  19. JESHOOTS.com
  20. https://www.matteoduo.com/free-photo-websites-commercial-use/
  21. www.nappy.co ‘Beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people.’
  22. FancyCrave
  23. DeathtoStock has a really funky “free email pack per month” with their newsletter
  24. Freedigitalphotos.net
  25. AvoPix
  26. Freerange

Free Banner Images

  1. https://www.backgroundimagepro.com/
  2. http://www.linkedinbackground.com/
  3. http://freelinkedinbackgrounds.com/
  4. http://stocksnap.io/ Free 2000 x 1200 photos

Bonus 1: Free stock videos


Bonus 2: Free icons



Fact is, sometimes I can’t find quite the right photo.

Since amazing marketing requires projecting the aspirational future of my prospect, sometimes I need to find just the right photos of the right people in the right situations having the right experiences. Here are the sites I’ve used so far, when all else fails:

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due:

Offer proper attribution for the source of the photo.

Share your sources of free and CC0 images and photos in comments below.

Many thanks to the following for your contributions to the above:

Photo credit: Pixabay/RobinHiggins

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