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Finding my passion and purpose

Finding my passion and purpose

Howdy! Welcome. I know you’re here because you’re interested in finding passion and purpose, and you’ve come to the right place.

At a point in my life, I was not having a good time, things really weren’t working out and was not living my passion and purpose.

I wanted to give you three pointers about finding my passion and purpose, which will be very helpful to you.

I know this makes a difference!

When I was finding my passion and purpose, and I didn’t necessarily know these things at the time. I’m really excited to share these things with others, because I spent a long-time bumbling about looking for the best answers.

I’m glad that I can help you accelerate your path to finding passion and purpose.

1. Finding my passion and purpose by self-inquiry

The first step to finding my passion and purpose was literally to get thinking about:

  • What it is that I do and do well?
  • What it is that I like to do and don’t like to do and don’t do so well?

I answered several questions, sort of a self-awareness questionnaire designed to help figure out, given what I know and do already, where my passion and purpose already lay.

We all do things and like to do some of those things. We all enjoy some things and dislike others.

We’ve got decades of experience in our career, and in our life. We know a lot, but we don’t always sit down and think much about what we like and what we don’t like. Often we do what we do because circumstances require it or “it’s the right thing to do” or we have no other choice.

Very rarely does anyone encourage or invite us to consider our passion and purpose in an organized, thoughtful way.

I’m inviting you to do that here!

I’ve got a blueprint for this: the Life Purpose Blueprint.

It’s available down below. I’m enthusiastic about helping others avoid the difficulty and frustration I experienced. Please, take advantage of it.

2. Finding my passion and purpose by long-term vision

The second thing that I used when I was finding my passion and purpose was a long-term view that sort of put my goals and expectations on a schedule.

There are a few different things to do in this area.

The first thing is to think really long term, going out a few decades in your life.

  1. What would your life being well spent look like?
  2. What legacy do you want to leave?
  3. As you get older, and you’re nearer the end of all your opportunities, what would you have wanted to accomplish?
  4. Is there anything that, if you didn’t accomplish it, you’d feel like maybe you didn’t live up to your best expectations or outcomes?

Take a 30-year view, and get creative about it.

Most of these things, for most of us, they’ve been there in the back of our head since we were young, since we were in single digits, and many of them have come up over time, and they come up over and over again.

The problem is, life happens.

We go to school, get that good job, and we put a few decades into surviving in our career and maybe change jobs, and then some other things come up. What happens to our passion and purpose? It never gets fulfilled when we stop looking into it.

Again, no one ever looks.

I want to give you the opportunity to think about that, take the 30 year view.

Then take a step back, take a three or four year view.

What would need to happen on the way to the 30 years that would demonstrate progress? It would also indicate that you have been living your life well, finding your passion and purpose, and living your passion and purpose.

Then step it back again to three or four months.

What needs to happen in the next three or four months for you to be on the way to your three- or four-year goal and your 30- or 40-year goal?

Thinking about these things a little bit will give you a lot of energy as you’re working on finding your passion and purpose. They’ve helped me as I was finding my passion and purpose, and some of what I learned is why I’m writing this today.

Not everybody does the kind of thing you’re seeing to do here.

I’m glad you’re here.

Let’s do this!

3. Finding my passion and purpose by being active

The third thing to do around finding passion and purpose is to get out and do things.

I made a choice at some point that I would accept invitations. It didn’t matter whether it was exciting to me or not.

If you want to find your passion and purpose, it implies that currently, you haven’t found it, or maybe you’re just not honoring your passion and purpose.

Maybe what you’ve been doing has lost its luster.

You don’t have to do this forever, but if you want to find your passion and purpose, then you have to have new experiences.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

If you haven’t found your passion and purpose, then it must be in something you haven’t been doing, something you don’t know about.

Go out and do things. Do different things, with different people, in different places, different ways.

Saying yes to invitations is one way to do that.

Getting in action.

This is where you’re going to find new opportunities for new passions and new purposes.

Put your current interests together in different ways

Maybe you’ve already got all the right ingredients, but you need to put them together in a way that works for you. You’ll find that new way when you’re out and about, learning new approaches, new tools, new techniques, in new places, with new people. 

Those are the three things that really made a difference for me when I was finding my passion and purpose. I know they’re gonna make a big difference for you.

Again, you can get the blueprint down below. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to see you make progress and to be a part of your journey. Thanks for being here!

Get Clarity on your passion and purpose with Life Purpose Blueprint!

Click the link to get the Life Purpose Blueprint: https://dylancornelius.com/life-purpose-blueprint-offer

Finding my passion and purpose.

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