Finally Thin Forever journey:

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Pre-Pre-Launch Autoresponder series BrandScript

Confirm email subscription

First they confirm subscription, then they get the bonus.

When they sign up, they know they are getting the incentive bonus AND they are getting the subscription.

They can always unsubscribe at any time.

Welcome new readers and share their incentive bonus.

Welcome them,

make a promise, and

invite them to connect.

Share featured content (your best or most popular posts).

Maybe this is a way to inspire prospects with success stories, tell them about you and the impact you and your products have on people like them

Ask a Question:

Go first, then

ask your readers what they are struggling with?

Share an inspiring story. Then if you have a small thing for sale, invite them to buy it.

Maybe the inspiring story should include a problem someone overcame by using the small thing you’re selling?

Invite them to share something you’ve given them with a friend.

Set Expectations.

Encourage them and

share what they should expect in the future, and

maybe even let them opt out if they don’t connect with your long-term vision.

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Finally Thin Forever Pre-Launch Series BrandScript

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Telephone conversation

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