My Favorite Things

What do you do for fun? Here are a few of my favorite things, places, and people. Let them know I recommended them. Maybe I’ll see you there soon! Let me know if you want more information.


  • I’m a proud member of Texas Beef Athletic Team. Go Beef!

    Austin Half Marathon 2016 Lori T Brown and Dylan Cornelius
    Austin Half Marathon 2016 Dylan Cornelius and Lori T Brown running for Team Beef
  • InsideTracker
    • I’m a proud InsideTracker triathlete. I love getting my updated metabolic data, and I appreciate the help they’ve given me to manage my diet and energy levels over the years.
  • Rogue Running
    • Coach Chris McClung and the rest of the team over at Rogue Running, under the amazing coaching of Steve Sisson, have helped me pull almost two minutes per mile out of every distance from 5k to marathon. I’m still Boston bound!
  • MyFitnessPal
    • I used this to count calories for my first 90 or so days of serious weight loss. By that point, I knew how many calories key ingredients had, and I had a pattern that was working. I still weigh-in a few days a week, and I now have 7 years of historical data, and counting. Join me!
  • Strava
    • I syndicate my Garmin data over to Strava for fun. You can join me there, too, if you prefer it to Garmin.
  • Athlinks
    • The majority of my adult athletic record is here. Let’s compete!

Personal Care

  • Overuse (with insufficient recovery) and poor posture are the primary cause of most of my athletic injuries, aside from stepping in holes or tripping in the dark. Everything is manageable with commitment, focus, and good physical therapy!
  • Kiplimo Chemirmir is the world’s best massage therapist for runners!

More Social Media

  • Google+
    • I know some people use it, and there’s some good stuff here. I have an account here where I syndicate my blog posts.
  • Instagram
    • I’m learning to add more photos here before anywhere else. This is my favorite photo site, though most of my friends are on Facebook, linked below.