I was at lunch with a friend yesterday, enjoying pizza and a salad at Little Deli sandwich and pizza shop. He asked what a successful coaching relationship looked like.Here you’ll find 13 elements of an amazing coaching relationship, plus four things that just don’t work. Spoiler: even with an amazing coach, successful clients must be coachable.

Overview Of An Amazing Coaching Relationship

Participants Of An Amazing Coaching Relationship

Traits Of Someone Who’s Amazingly Coachable

A person who’s being coached needs to be coachable. Here are some traits of a coachable person:

Traits Of An Amazingly Effective Coach

An effective coach’s 100% and only role is to support and empower their client to meet their coaching-related goals. Appropriately supported and empowered people deliver results. Amazingly effective coaches:

For Example

These are mutual agreements between myself and these coaches. I would expect them to agree with these statements, because we’ve met about my goals and our roles around achieving them.

Things An Amazing Coach Is Not

It is not a coach’s job to:


Consider And Act

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