Editorial Standards

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Opinions are my own. Content is mine.

Companies and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Stories are true, and are designed to:

  • share,
  • inform,
  • explore,
  • question,
  • expose,
  • provoke,
  • teach,
  • stimulate greater understanding, and
  • inspire new actions, that
  • generate desired results.

Identities are obscured to protect confidentiality, (except for testimonials where permission has been granted).

Practice is designed to enable the reader to see an access to immediately create worthwhile transformation in their life.

When promoting a value or a policy:

  • Where examples may be interpreted negatively, names have been changed or stories are anonymized.
  • Where examples are favorable, names may be shared.



Monday purpose for the week

Tuesday – Thursday practice

Friday post Mortem and lessons learned


Week one purpose for the month

week two practice

Week three post Mortem and lessons learned


January New Year’s Day and Inauguration Day

Feb Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day

March Arbor Day

April April fools and tax day

May Memorial Day and end of school


July Independence Day

August hottest day of the year in the northern hemisphere

September back to school and Labor Day

October Halloween

November thanksgiving and my birthday

December Hanukkah and Christmas