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Stories are true, and written with a tone that can:

  • inspire
  • educate
  • entertain

Author obscures identities to protect confidentiality, (except for testimonials where permission has been granted).

Practice opportunities enable readers immediately to manage change in their own life.

When promoting a value or a policy:

  • Where examples may be interpreted negatively, names are changed or stories are anonymized.
  • Where examples are favorable, names may be shared.



  • Monday purpose for the week
  • Tuesday – Thursday practice
  • Friday post Mortem and lessons learned


  • Week one purpose for the month
  • week two practice
  • Week three post Mortem and lessons learned


  • January New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Inauguration Day
  • Feb Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day
  • March Arbor Day
  • April April fools and tax day
  • May Memorial Day and end of school
  • June
  • July Independence Day
  • August hottest day of the year in the northern hemisphere
  • September back to school and Labor Day
  • October Halloween
  • November thanksgiving and my birthday
  • December Hanukkah and Christmas