Can You Believe It Took Me Twenty Years To Write A Personal Vision Statement?

Over 20 years ago, I bought a book called Build Your Own Life Brand. I didn’t finish it. About a decade later, I started a blog. More than a decade after that, I finally published my first public blog post. The hard part in these initiatives was the introspection. I wasn’t yet able to sit down and take a look at what I really wanted, and see it. If I got close, I certainly wasn’t ready to write it down as a declaration and share it with others. This is my first public personal vision statement.

After dozens of courses, assessments, and therapy appointments, I’ve found the courage, and I’ve learned the risk of telling the truth about my aspirations is low. I’ve also learned until I take a new action, the result will be predictable.

Here’s to new beginnings! (For anyone who wants and is ready for one.)

Writing This Personal Vision Statement Is One Of The Hardest Things I’ve Ever Done

My name is Dylan McNeill Cornelius. I’m a citizen of the world, and I hold multiple passports. I spend a lot of time with my Sweetheart, Lori. We’re in frequent contact with friends and family, all over the planet, in conversation and other activities we enjoy. Often, we run, cycle, or hike together. We’re always planning or executing our next get-together or adventure. We travel and tour continually, by airplane, motor vehicle, train, bicycle, and on foot.

I’m in the best shape of my life. I train at altitude, and I sleep low. I have a weekly massage, and a monthly shave, haircut, manicure, and pedicure. Many see me as the fittest person they know. Others think I’m absolutely insane. I’m often recognized for my healthy diet and eating habits. People sometimes ask me if it’s worth it. In response, I ask them if they enjoy stomach cramps and horrible gas.

I’m continually in a course of some sort, and I’m always in the middle of a book I’m reading. Everyday I meet with someone to offer them support or help in an area of life that’s important to them. I publish daily, I release a new educational product monthly, and I spend all my time considering how I can help others and have more fun doing it. I’m grateful that my lifestyle, coursework, physical training, and travel offer ample time for reflection and ongoing perfection of my one true self.

Consider And Act

  • Do you have a personal vision statement?
  • What’s your reason “Why”?
  • Have you started your journey yet?
  • Are you ready to start?

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I’m Dylan Cornelius.

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Use the same tools and techniques of proven leaders like Tony Robbins, Best Buy, CVS, Ross Stores, Oracle, and Dun & Bradstreet to systematically design the results YOU want, align resources to deliver those results, and sustain those results over time.


Also published on Medium.

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Also published on Medium.

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