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Dylan Cornelius 3 and 12 month Accomplishments: January 10, 2019

Dylan Cornelius 3 and 12 month Accomplishments: January 10, 2019

I said I wanted to meet 4 goals in 2018. I’ve added a few goals, organized it according to my primary personal values, separated these personal goals from my business goals, and am converting this to a rolling quarterly update of Objectives and Key Results.

Personal Accomplishments from 3 months of 4th Quarter 2018

Go here for business accomplishments.

  1. Reduce intake of irritating foods with elimination dieting. Confirmed garlic, guar gum, nuts, black pepper affect allergy and digestive symptoms. Will continue to avoid gluten, soy, eggs, garlic, nuts, gums, black/green/white pepper from my diet. (10/10)
  2. Find a drug cocktail that includes fewer allergy medications. When I avoid irritating foods, I can mostly manage with only daily Allegra and Zyrtec, even in the worst part of the cedar season. I only need occasional sinus sprays. (10/10)
  3. Return to running post-surgery. Have returned to Wednesday workouts with Rogue Running. Continuing aerobic development with Dr. Phil Maffetone 180-age formula. (10/10)
  4. Serve others and be endorsed. I have explicit feedback from 2 people I’ve helped this quarter. I acted as Group Leader in my Landmark seminar and made a difference each week for over 20 people. (10/10)
  5. Bucket list. Spent a week in Oahu. (10/10)
  6. Time and location freedom. Worked from home, saving commute and having more schedule and location flexibility. (9/10)

2018 Annual 12 Month Accomplishments (personal goals)

Health goal: Reduce allergy symptoms (8/10)

  • Reduce allergy symptoms: symptoms are now clearly food-driven; periodic nasal congestion. 8/10.
  • Eliminate medication use: Down to 2 consistently (from 5); occasional (~monthly) use of 1 or 2 more, primarily due to food. 8/10.
  • Reduce stressors (secondary goal):
    • Physical: getting more sleep and waking without an alarm some days, working from home, training easier. 10/10.
    • Chemical: reduced medication use; reduced irritating foods; eating organic; cooking more at home. 10/10.
    • Mental/emotional: getting more sleep and waking without an alarm some days, taking Landmark seminar. 10/10.

Fitness goal: Run faster (5/10)

  • Injury status: Recovering from surgery. 8/10.
  • Training status: with Maffetone 4 days a week, and Rogue Running 1 day a week. 7/10.
  • Recent scaled time: 4:49:00. 0/10.

After unplanned surgery, this became:

Key Result: Return to running post-surgery


Current symptom — Odd, brief, nerve sensations in the area of the wound and/or the affected muscle or its attachment points, a couple of times weekly. Often correlated with poor posture.

Opportunities for You

  • Will you create resolutions or goals for 2019?
  • How is progress on your current goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized a recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it, and let the world acknowledge your progress!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals? Book a call with me. I guarantee you will leave our conversation with a breakthrough in your progress, for free, whether we choose to do business together or not.

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