Dylan Cornelius 3 and 12 Month Targets: January 24, 2019

  • Every quarter I set new personal and business goals for the next 3 and 12 months.

    • These are personal goals.

    • Business goals are in next week’s post.

  • See more about my goal setting approach at the bottom of this post.

  • I shared last quarter’s accomplishments 2 and 3 weeks ago.

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My 2019 1Q 3 Month Targets (confidence level)

1. Objective: Be Fit

Key result: Recovery


  • 7 hours sleep daily (low)
  • Wake without an alarm daily (low)
  • Two athletic recovery days a week (high)

Key Result: Eliminate Unnecessary Stressors

Measure: Eliminate Chemical Stressors

Eliminate Medication
  • Eliminate Allegra and Zyrtec. (low)
Eliminate Irritating Foods
  • Eliminate gluten, soy, eggs, garlic, nuts, gums, black/green/white pepper from my diet. (low)
  • Reduce seeds. (high)
Manage biomarkers with InsideTracker
  • 100% in-range markers. (low)

Measure: Reduce Mental and Emotional Stressors

  • Stay in the Landmark conversation. (high)
  • Stay in the NMMG conversation. (medium)

Key Result: Return to running post-surgery


Training plan — Since I’m basically beginning as a new runner again, I’m taking on Dr. Phil Maffetone’s aerobic approach to training while I increase my mileage and return to strength and power training (Wednesday workouts with Rogue Running).

Training schedule — Run/walk 4 or 5 days a week, 20 weekly miles or so: (medium)

  • M 3-4 miles with strides
  • T 3-4 miles or off
  • W 4-6 miles progressively harder with the Rogue Morning Show
  • Th 3-4 miles
  • F Off
  • S 8-12 miles
  • Sun 3-5 miles

2. Objective: Adventure

Key Result: Undertake initiatives with uncertain outcomes


  • PNC contract extension beyond 2/22/2019 (medium)

3. Objective: Serve

Key Result: Serve Others

Measures: meet DylanCornelius.com OKR’s (low)

4. Objective: Impact

Key Result: Be Endorsed


  • Connect with PNC staff on LinkedIn (high)
  • Connect with Judge staff on LinkedIn (high)
  • Endorse PNC and Judge staff (high)

5. Objective: Sustainability

Key Result: Have no visible, unmanaged forward impediments

Measures: meet DylanCornelius.com OKR’s (low)

Spiral freestanding calendar on white surface: Photo by Manasvita S on Unsplash. Link.

Targets for the Next 12 Months

1. Objective: Fitness

Key Result: Eliminate Unnecessary Stressors

Measure: Manage Physical Stressors


I’ll begin considering allergens and allergy symptoms in my vacation planning, as another test of how my home and Austin may be the greatest causes (I developed my extreme allergies, like many people in Austin, about 5 years after moving to the Austin area).

Measure: Eliminate Chemical Stressors

Irritating Foods — use elimination dieting to find offensive foods
  • Cook 15 meals a week at home.
  • Eat squash, potato, yam, white rice, quinoa, beans or lentils as primary carbs every day.
  • Eat no manufactured foods or processed grains.

Measure: Reduce Mental and Emotional Stressors

  • Increase perceived control by reducing reliance on monopsonist employers and their customers
  • Work in organizations that operate by clear values and alignment
  • Work with my ideal clients: people with clear goals and ability to focus, who are fun, inspiring, innovative, impactful, and committed

Key Result: Age-Group Triathlon Podium

Sujata And Dylan Win Age Group Awards At The 2015 Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k
Sujata And Dylan Win Age Group Awards At The 2015 Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k

Key Result: Qualify for Boston Marathon

  • Qualifying Measure: 3:20
  • Current Personal Record 2016 Austin Marathon: 3:45
  • Best recent time/distance (predicted marathon time): 4 x 400s at 1:45 (4:49:00) November 28, 2018

2. Objective: Adventure

Key Result: Undertake initiatives with uncertain outcomes


  • Travel 2 quarters a year, anywhere in the solar system
  • Bucket list
  • Boston Qualification
  • Time freedom (Increase discretionary time, including:)
    • Non-commuting days
    • Days with less than 2 hours of meetings
  • Location freedom (time at discretionary locations, including:)
    • 12 weeks work at home
    • 14 free weekends
    • Travel twice annually
      • 1 week in Oahu, Hawaii 4Q, 2018
      • Little Rock tandem rally, 2Q 2019
  • Multiple sustainable revenue streams (see DylanCornelius.com OKRs)
    • Passive income: Real estate investments produce money while I sleep
    • Sustainable business
      • Mailbox Money from Digital products
      • Property management revenues

Opportunities for You

Planning and Accomplishment

  • Will you create resolutions or goals for 2019?
  • How is progress on your current goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized a recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it, and let the world acknowledge your progress!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals? Book a call with me. I guarantee you will leave our conversation with a breakthrough in your progress, for free, whether we choose to do business together or not.

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Hi, I’m Dylan Cornelius.
I was passed over for promotions four times in three years, every time passed over by a peer. My marriage was a wreck. I was obese and my doctor threatened to medicate me if I didn’t lose weight.
When I calculated the per-hour value of my overtime at work, the additional money in my bonus didn’t justify the costs to my health, relationships, and personal satisfaction.
After five years of hearing me complain, my brother told me to stop complaining or do something about it. I was stunned that it had been so long.
After a long and expensive search, I realized the quality of my relationships was poor and I wasn’t taking care of other people or myself.
When I committed to creating fantastic relationships and high-performing teams in every area of my life that mattered, my life transformed.
I was promoted. Now I’m picked to lead teams and frequently thanked for my contribution.
While my marriage didn’t survive, I met an amazing woman who trained me for my first two marathons, and now I do triathlons for fun. I lost 50 pounds and controlled my diet, allergies, and autoimmunity.
Now my “Honey Bunny” and I tour for weeks at a time on a tandem bike. Soon, we’ll cross countries and continents.
I created a Team Acceleration Blueprint based on my personal development journey and decades of education and experience building and leading teams at some of the best universities and companies on the planet.
I believe the world can work for everyone. It starts with clarity of purpose, fantastic relationships, and high-performing teams. I intend to help 10,000 people create an unfair advantage and achieve results they didn’t believe were possible too.

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