Dylan Cornelius 3 and 12 Month Accomplishments: April 11, 2019

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  • Every quarter I set new personal and business goals for the next 3 and 12 months.

  • This assessment is based on personal goals I set 3 and 12 months ago.

  • I shared business accomplishments last week.

Target board. Photo by pixabay.com via pexels.com

My 2019 1Q 3 Month Targets (confidence level/result/assessment)

Summary: overall I met (79+100+45+100+45)/5 = 74% of my 3 month targets

1. Objective: Be Fit (79%)

Key result: Recovery (67%)


  • 7 hours sleep daily (low/5 days a wk/29%)
  • Wake without an alarm daily (low/2 days a wk/71%)
  • Two athletic recovery days a week (high/100%)

Key Result: Eliminate Unnecessary Stressors (69%)

Measure: Eliminate Chemical Stressors

Eliminate Medication
  • Eliminate Allegra and Zyrtec. (low/unmet/0%)
  • Notable result: found clear correlation between garlic, black pepper, nuts, seeds, and sinus allergy symptoms. Eating these foods results in need for additional medications. Avoiding them makes allergy symptom control possible with only Allegra and Zyrtec.
Eliminate Irritating Foods
  • Eliminate gluten, soy, eggs, garlic, nuts, gums, black/green/white pepper from my diet. (low/2 Days/97%)
  • Reduce seeds. (high/2 days/97%)
Manage biomarkers with InsideTracker
  • 100% in-range markers. (low/34 of 41 are in-range/83%)

Measure: Reduce Mental and Emotional Stressors (50%)

  • Stay in the Landmark conversation. (high/in Living Passionately seminar/100%)
  • Stay in the NMMG conversation. (medium/not recently/0% — thinking about it doesn’t count)

Key Result: Return to running post-surgery (100%)


Training plan — Since I’m basically beginning as a new runner again, I’m taking on Dr. Phil Maffetone’s aerobic approach to training while I increase my mileage and return to strength and power training (Wednesday workouts with Rogue Running). Still following this plan: 100%

Training schedule — Run/walk 4 or 5 days a week, 20 weekly miles or so: (medium/average last 4 weeks = 19.75/100%)

  • M 3-4 miles with strides
  • T 3-4 miles or off
  • W 4-6 miles progressively harder with the Rogue Morning Show
  • Th 3-4 miles
  • F Off
  • S 8-12 miles
  • Sun 3-5 miles

2. Objective: Adventure(100%)

Key Result: Undertake initiatives with uncertain outcomes


  • PNC contract extension beyond 2/22/2019 (medium/extended to Sep 8/100%)

3. Objective: Serve (45%)

Key Result: Serve Others

Measures: meet DylanCornelius.com OKR’s (low/45%)

4. Objective: Impact (100%)

Key Result: Be Endorsed


  • Connect with PNC staff on LinkedIn (high/at least 7/100%)
  • Connect with Judge staff on LinkedIn (high/at least 1/100%)
  • Endorse PNC and Judge staff (high/100%)

5. Objective: Sustainability (45%)

Key Result: Have no visible, unmanaged forward impediments

Measures: meet DylanCornelius.com OKR’s (low/45%)

Spiral freestanding calendar on white surface: Photo by Manasvita S on Unsplash. Link.

Targets set 12 Months ago as First Quarter 2018 Goals

Summary: overall, I met 58% of my 12-month goals.

1. Reduce Allergy Symptoms And Medication Use

My new goal will be to see if I can find a allergy drug cocktail that includes fewer allergy medications. I spoke with my doctor’s staff and this is what they suggested. Unfortunately, they’re unable to present a clear and distinct path to follow. Scientific method, here we come. I am my own favorite science experiment!

Assessment: Reduced to 2 consistently, when I’m good with my diet/100%

2. Run Faster And Qualify for Boston Marathon

Still returning to fitness and running — 0%

4. Help Others And Receive Their Endorsement

75% successful, as measured on business goals


Planning and Accomplishment

  • Will you create resolutions or goals for 2019?
  • How is progress on your current goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized a recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it, and let the world acknowledge your progress!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals? Book a call with me. I guarantee you will leave our conversation with a breakthrough in your progress.

Fitness: Get a selfie on the inside with InsideTracker

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