Create a Plan, Part 1: Plot a Path to your Product

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Plan: noun — a detailed formulation of a program of action.

–Merriam Webster dictionary


You now have more clarity about your purpose, a product definition, specific goals, policies, people, and places.

  • As you defined your product and goals, you saw some actions you can take to move in the direction of realizing those goals.
  • You probably also saw some ways other people could help you realize your goals.
  • You may also have seen ways your environment (your various places) may help or hinder you reaching those goals.


Now it’s time to update your list of goals with more goals and actions you and others can fulfill to help you realize your goals.

  • It may help to think about one product goal at a time and write whatever intermediate goals and actions will be necessary to meet them.
  • Similarly, write whatever actions come to mind where people and places are concerned.
  • With your ‘new, improved’ list of actions and goals, your new goals may also raise new actions to take. Write those down too.
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Review your list of goals and actions, and rank them into whatever order seems most reasonable for the named actions and goals.

  1. You may wish to start with easy things and ‘low hanging fruit’. These have the immediate benefit of demonstrable success early on, which is inspiring and inspires continued action and progress.
  2. You may see there are things that are clear LMT required before other things can be completed. Of course, schedule these earlier in your plan.
  3. Finally, you may see some things can be broken down into smaller items or tasks. Breaking these down helps to visualize the work to be performed and facilitates faster starting and finishing of them, as the easier a task appears the more quickly we are to start and finish it.

Caution: As you create this list, it can seem overwhelming. So much to do!

Don’t worry.

Take a long, slow, deep breath.


Repeat the deep breath and exhale cycle one more time.


  • You only need to do one thing at a time.
  • You only need to ask one person at a time to do one thing.
  • Every action you take on these areas is progress in the right direction.
  • Any thing you see to do that you are not doing or where you’re not seeing progress, is a place to look more closely and ask, “how can this work be broken down into smaller items that can be started and finished more easily or quickly (write about the two-minute and 10-minute rules)?” and “who else can I ask about how to do this?”, then ask them!

How far you’ve come:

Your Power Board (or whatever you’ve chosen to call yours), now has your:

  1. Purpose
  2. Policies
  3. Product definition
  4. People
  5. Places
  6. The Plans you created before and in this lesson

Next: Ask your key team members how they’d improve the plan

Caution: Don’t get stuck now, and don’t get attached to your plan, unless you intend to go it all alone.

Note: To get the best results in any undertaking, NEVER go it alone.

Take a team.

Take the right team.

Next: Enlist a team to help you plan

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continue planning with your team

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