Change Is Still Possible: Course Outline

Getting started

Walk through the course one lesson and one line at a time, below.

For each lesson, I recommend a 3-step approach.

Step 1: First Read

Read through all the content for the lesson before you take action on the assignment. You’ll find your brain working on the homework as soon as you read the assignments, even if you’re not actively doing them yet. This first read gives you a broad overview and context that will enable you to do inspired work when you do sit down to begin the assignments.

Step 2: First Attempt

Next, read the lesson contents again, and do a quick, no-stress, first draft of each homework assignment in the lesson. Quick, no-stress means just quickly do the complete assignment, as directed. It does not mean do the work half-way or skip some steps. If you truly don’t know, that’s fine…leave it blank or go ahead and move to the next step or assignment. As you continue through the course, you’ll have opportunities to revise, improve, and “perfect” your work. You’re in charge. You get to say. You write the rules! Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in perfectionist tendencies. Think of your work as iterative. It will get better with each successive iteration. This is your life! You will continue to experience things as they are until you define the path forward. You will be fine! It is getting better day by day.

Step 3: Review and Improve

Finally, go through the lesson a third time, and redo or revise any assignment you see does not fully communicate your intention. By now, your brain has worked on the information and the assignments for a while, so your thinking is improving and your ideas are becoming clearer. You’re seeing how your ideas and new actions can translate into your life.

It’s working!

You’re doing great!

Keep going.

Click the links, read the lessons (or watch the videos), and do the assignments.

Course Overview and Schedule


  • Phase 0 — Introduction
    • Week 1 — Initial Session: Bedrock
    • Define key goals, review your history, see what’s been holding you back, see if there’s a fit
    • Agreement
    • Lesson: Things you need to know and apply
      • Part 4: Practice: Review, Repeat, Rehearse
    • Assignments
      • Part 3: Three-word product name: Create an inspiring, personally meaningful 3 word (or fewer) product name for your intended result of this course, such as: “Ultimate Driving Machine”, “International Business Machines”, “Strategic Defense Initiative”, “Breathtaking”, “Warrior for Compassion”

9 program Lessons, in 3 phases, 1 phase per month

  • Phase 1 — Plan Your Purpose. Create a solid foundation.
    • Week 2: Power
      • Lesson
        • Part 3:
          • Permission (Freedom to)
          • Commitment (Resolve)
          • PowerBoard (Focus)
          • Play (Fun: Positive Reinforcement)
          • Celebration (Acknowledge success, Be grateful, and share it)
          • Practice (Apply, Rehearse, Review, Repeat)
      • Assignments
        • Part 2: Points of Presence: An Agreement With Yourself
      • Examples
      • Assignments
      •  Examples
      • Assignment: Create some of each type of goal named in the lesson.
    • Week 5: One Week Break: use this extra week to reinforce and carry out your purpose.
    • Week 7: Places
    • Week 8: Plans
      • Lesson
      • Practices
        • People Plan
        • Places Plan
        • Plan Revisions
          • Product backlog
          • Process goals
          • Metrics
        • Example
          • People Plan
          • Places Plan
          • Plan Revisions
            • Product backlog
            • Process goals
            • Metrics
    • Week 9: One Week Break: use this extra week to Practice, reinforce, and carry out your plan(s).
  • Phase 3 — Perform and Produce. Create, Assess, and Refine your results.
    • Week 10: Practice (this is so important, it’s worth repeating)
      • Practice:
        • Take action every day!
        • Continue to carry out your plans.
        • Revise PowerBoard documents as necessary.
        • Revise Plans as necessary.
        • Reach out for help immediately when you need it.
          • Friends
          • Family
          • Committed Listener
          • Mastermind group/members
          • Facebook group/members
          • Coach
    • Week 11: Perform
      • Lesson
      • Practice:
        • Social Vision
      • Example
        • Social Vision
    • Week 12: Produce
      • Lesson
      • Practice:
        • Look for and recognize the results you’re producing.
        • Measure them.
        • Adjust your plans.
        • Make new plans if necessary.
        • Keep going! The only limit to your results is your willingness to see new options and take new actions consistent with those options.
      • Example
    • Week 13: One Week Break: use this extra week to reinforce and carry out your plan.
    • Week 14: Retrospective and Celebrations.
      • Practices:
        • Retrospective and Assessment:
          • See how far you’ve come. See what you’ve done and what you haven’t done.
          • Consider what you’d do differently if you did it all over again.
        • Revise plans: Consider what you’ll do, where you’ll go, and who’ll you be with next.
        • Celebrate!
        • Keep going!

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