Finally Thin Forever: Course Introduction

Welcome to YOUR course

Congratulations on taking the first steps to have the results YOU want!

Congratulations on thinking big enough to finally escape the “small solutions” trap.

Lasting change requires looking at the big picture, declaring big goals, and taking bold new actions.

Lasting change requires looking at the big picture, declaring big goals, and taking bold new actions.

In this course, you will learn how to create big, inspiring goals, and you will learn how to break them down into actionable plans you can implement to get entirely new results in your own life or business.

Too many people try “easy”, one-size-fits-all solutions that just aren’t capable of delivering sustainable results, if they work at all.

You are now among the ranks of others like you who’ve chosen a full-on, individualizable lifestyle solution.

Getting started

Walk through the course outline one line, one lesson, one practice, and one example at a time.

For each course segment (identified as weeks of content), I recommend a 3-step approach.

Use this 3-step approach for each week’s course content

Step 1: First Read

Read through all the content for the week before you take action on the practices. You’ll find your brain working on the practices as soon as you read them, even if you’re not actively doing them yet. This first read gives you broad context that will enable you to do better work when you sit down to begin the practices.

Step 2: First Attempt

Next, read the week’s contents again, and do a quick, no-stress, first draft of each practice in the lesson. Quick, no-stress means just quickly perform the practice, as directed. It does not mean do the work half-way or skip some steps. If you truly don’t know, that’s fine…leave it blank or go ahead and move to the next step. As you continue through the course, you’ll have opportunities to revise, improve, and “perfect” your work.

You’re in charge. You get to say. You write the rules!

Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in perfectionist tendencies.

Think of your work as iterative. It will get better with each successive iteration.

This is your life! You will continue to experience things as they are until you define the path forward.

You will be fine! It is getting better day by day.

Step 3: Review and Improve

Finally, go through the contents a third time, and redo or revise any practice you see does not fully communicate your intention. By now, your brain has worked on the information and the assignments for a while, so your thinking is improving and your ideas are becoming clearer. You’re seeing how your ideas and new actions can translate into your life.

It’s working already!

You’re doing great!

Click this link, review the course outline, and begin