Employee Wellness Programs Work. Use Them!

Here's What Motivated Me To Lose Fifty Pounds The Second Time

In 2008, I received my first free health checkup as an employee of Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. My results weren’t great, but they weren’t horrible either. They were at the high end of healthy, and they changed between 2008 and 2009: each one got a little worse, by just a point or two. However, the […]

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012

Easy, Homemade Meals With Healthy, Organic Ingredients Every Week

Read This Post If: You are trying to eat healthier and cook homemade meals more often. You’re overwhelmed with the process of meal planning, shopping, and cooking fresh multiple times a week. Shopping and cooking homemade meals for two is difficult or wasteful due to typical store-size quantities. You’re looking for a shared, creative, productive, […]

Easy homemade meals with lots of fresh veggies.

17 Ways You Can Be A Smarter Medical Consumer

You Are Your Best Advocate. To The Businesses, You're Revenues.

As an athlete and a patient with chronic conditions, I have seen facets of the insurance/medical establishment I hope the average medical consumer never has to learn. I bring formal training and an entire career in managing businesses. As a result of these experiences, I’m a smarter medical consumer than ever before. If I can help […]

Be A Smart Medical Consumer

My Autoimmune Diagnosis – A Dark Comedy. Part 4

My Doctors Said There's No Point Trying To Improve My Condition; I Got Second Opinions

This story is continued from here. Keep Coming Back… My endocrinologist said she expected me to continue to see her or another doctor ongoing. I told her I’d received a referral to someone who specializes in this area. She asked who, I told her, and her immediate response was that’s the only doctor she’d allow […]

Test tube with blood for Thyroid test.

My Autoimmune Diagnosis – A Dark Comedy. Part 2

The Truth May Not Set You Free Immediately.

This is part 2 of a series. Part 1 is here. Score! Fast forward to the endocrinologist: palpation of my neck, ultrasound, blood test. At my second appointment with her, the endocrinologist seemed thrilled, elated, even a little giddy. I recalled the young doctors on TV who fight for the opportunity to make a new diagnosis […]

Just a simple injection in the thigh.

Have You Self-Administered B12 Injections? Me Neither.

My Autoimmune Diagnosis - A Dark Comedy. Part 3

This article is part 3 of a series. Part 2 is here. Part 1 is here. Pants Down To My Knees In A Closet There I am with my pants down to my knees, a syringe in one hand, antiseptic swab in the other, and this strange guy sitting in front of me, casually acting like […]

My Plan B is Just Another Way to Make My Plan A Work

My Autoimmune Diagnosis – A Dark Comedy. Part 1.

Will You Be Defined By A Limited Perspective, Or One Of Possibility?

When I received my autoimmune diagnosis several years ago, it was like a satire of poor bedside manner where I, as the patient, was the butt of the joke in a system designed so patients have limited access to information, little or no leverage, no advocate, and all the risks and expenses of their situation. I’ve seen […]

Do You Have An Autoimmune Disease?!

13 Things I’m Doing To Eliminate Allergies For Good.

I'm A Chronic. Are You? Everyone's Doing It. We Don't Have To.

I recently realized I’m a member of the chronic class because I suffer environmental allergies. As a sufferer of these chronic conditions, I regularly take 3 drugs plus allergy shots, for a half-dozen different allergens. I’ve learned I’m not alone. Either way, I’m committed to eliminating my allergies and drug dependency. Here are 15 things […]

You Can Manage Your Health And Costs. Eliminate Allergies For Good.

Kill The EPA And Save Some Jobs — Back To The 1930s For Health And Safety

7 Things You Can Do For A Healthier World

Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, recently submitted H.R. 861, which requests to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency. The implications are much bigger than just domestic natural resources protection. Facts Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon, the largest US corporation and a world leader in petroleum exploration and extraction, now runs the US State Department. Environmental regulation […]

A Difficult Balance Between Energy, Industry, Jobs, Business, Environment, Pollution, Health