Afraid you may be a food addict? Finally stop evening food binges.

Have you ever eaten a whole package of food at once? Are you a food addict?

When we don’t eat right, our bodies have an uncanny way of correcting our failure to do so. When we do eat right, everything seems to work in favor of self-control and satisfaction. How do you feel? Have you ever had uncontrollable cravings in the evening, followed by a ravenous eating binge, where nothing you […]

5 Surprising Weight Loss Facts You May Not Realize: Knowledge Is Power

You got this

Collectively, Americans spend almost a quarter trillion dollars annually on weight-loss or related products, plans, medical procedures, and pharmaceuticals. You can’t walk 100 feet in a grocery store without seeing a “diet”, “sugar free”, “low-fat”, or “light” product, or a magazine article about losing weight, tightening abs, or being fit. For all the money we […]

4 simple steps you can use to conquer uncontrollable cravings

Conquer uncontrollable cravings

Do any of these sound familiar? My friend said she has an uncontrollable desire to drink wine every night: two glasses only, but never one. I recall evenings during heavy physical training where I’d ravenously polish off two pieces of fruit and half a pound of chocolate covered almonds. A client told me she had […]

How Many Ways Have You Tried To Lose Weight?

Weight chart shows long term sustained weight loss. Lose weight and keep it off as long as you want.

Despite a $66 billion industry full of offers and promises about weight loss, over 2/3 of US residents are overweight or obese. Still, despite the enormity of the problem, the numbers above don’t accurately total the real costs. In fact, medical costs related to obesity cost us another $147 billion. Human body fat and related illness is […]

Are you moody or hangry? No! You’re not a monster!

Hungry Monster

Have you known anyone who said they suffer from the hangry monster? Do you know someone who becomes impatient and angry often (sometimes when they’re hungry)? Do know anyone who experiences mood swings, for no clear reason? Have you ever observed a moody toddler with an amazing parent, who made it clear they knew it […]

4 Reasons Why It May Look Like You’re Not Losing Weight

4 reasons it may look like you're not losing weight

Some people begin a weight management journey, they feel different, and they may even look different, but the scale doesn’t always seem to agree. Here are reasons why it may look like you’re not losing weight, even though you’re doing everything right. 1. Body Proportions Don’t Change The last time I lost significant weight (more […]

60 Reasons You’re Chronically Overweight Or Obese

Unmodified photo courtesy Mike Mozart Jeepers Media under Creative Commons CC0 license

Success or failure in any endeavor begins and ends with our mental relationship to the undertaking. Physical achievements are no different. Once we create a mental framework that supports a condition, the condition naturally comes into existence. Our historic mental framework has gotten us where we are today. We will have to create a new […]

Why Doesn’t It Look Like I’m Losing Weight?

Healthy meal

We were on the phone. My client was 5 weeks into her new, individualized eating plan. “Why doesn’t it look like I’m losing weight?” She knew she was doing everything right: Base every meal on a protein Mostly Vegetables and Fruit Healthy Fat Limit processed foods, and processed sugars and starches Stay below BMR (Basal […]