A Case Study in DevOps Continuous Improvement

A Case Study in DevOps Continuous Improvement

I recently saw a paradox that boggled my mind, but that is very true in my experience. We Manage to Revenues at the Expense of Everything Else Take a moment and let the next three sentences sink in. It’s a fact that the basic tenets of lean management are about maximizing customer value and eliminating […]

Work On The Business, Not In The Business

Help teams build a bridge to high performance

There’s a saying among entrepreneurs that a person should work on the business, not in the business. Let that distinction sink in for a moment. It’s certainly true that managers should work on the business as their scope and span of control and influence increases. Meddling in details when you have managers reporting to you […]

Email’s Horrible; You’re The Solution

Email's Horrible; You're The Solution. 8 Things You Can Do.

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