Our Cleaning Ladies: How to Delegate for Endless Amusement

lady mops the floor. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Reading Time: 5 minutes. At home, we delegate some of our housekeeping tasks. Our cleaning ladies do a great job! Dishes washed, counters cleared, sink disinfected; oven, refrigerator, and bathrooms disinfected; floors vacuumed or mopped and sparkling, random housewares put away. However, there’s one little problem: When they put things away, we can never find them. Like any other […]

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Tell Me About A Time You Went “Above And Beyond” For A Customer

Austin Half Marathon 2016 Lori T Brown and Dylan Cornelius

Reading Time: 4 minutes. There I was in an interview with a hiring manager from Amazon.com. I realized later maybe I should have prepared with one of those books about questions google managers ask. My answer wasn’t well-rehearsed or highly polished. I hadn’t much considered in the past couple of years whether my performance was above and beyond for […]

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He Increased Leads And Sales 25%

See through piggy bank

Reading Time: 2 minutes. There I am at my doctor’s office, and I ask, “How’s business?”* He says he’d like to improve customer visits and sales per visit. He gets a lot of calls, but not all are great prospects. There’s a lot of upside potential. I tell him, “That’s interesting, and maybe not surprising. I noticed your Yelp […]

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We Needed To Achieve The Impossible And Perform A Miracle

Help teams build a bridge to high performance

Reading Time: 2 minutes. There I was at work, with a client who wanted to add three staff members to my project team. Groupthink in my organization enabled a situation where that wasn’t going to happen, and that was acceptable. My option was to tell my client it was impossible: they couldn’t take part on this important project. I […]

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Are You Happy With Your Results (Who’s Responsible For Your Performance)?

Businessman looks in shock at a document he just read

Reading Time: 2 minutes. My friend, a therapeutic professional and part of my athletic training recovery program, was accused by his boss of delivering below his sales quota. He said it didn’t seem right: a simple calculation of his number of appointments times bill rates added up to much more than the business performance reports credited him. The result […]

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