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Choose the best career coach website to choose the best coach

Choose the best career coach website to choose the best coach

Do you need a career coach?
Do you need a career coach?

Hi! I know you’re looking for a career coach website, and I want to congratulate you, because you found the best one.

More importantly, you took the first step to getting yourself coached in an area that is so important to so many of us. 

Most of us spend most of our lives at work. During most of our waking hours, on most days, we’re going to spend most of our time at work. You ought to be thoughtful about how you spend your time and who you choose as your ally for help at work.

I’m glad you’re about to get yourself a coach.

You can have the best performance, get the best results, and be highly successful in the areas that are important to you. You’ll be more effective.

You’ll appear more valuable to your boss and the company. They’re the ones who ultimately choose whether they retain you, and choose the role you’ll play, and for how much compensation.

You want to be thoughtful about these things. You want to be strategic. It makes a difference.

You want to ask a few different people, those who are putting a lot of time and thought into it, and actively taking ownership.

You want to spend time with inside players, versus those who are just hoping for the next raise and wondering why they’re not being taken seriously in those conversations.

A good career coach website speaks to simple fundamentals

Unfortunately, most of us are trained in specific areas that don’t prepare us for success in organizations, or for success in negotiation. They don’t prepare us to understand organizational decision-making.

If you don’t know how decisions about your career are made by people above your pay grade, you’ll forever be dependent on forces you can’t even influence, much less control.

Once you understand simple things I’ve learned in a psychology degree, a masters in Business Administration, years as a recruiter, and decades as a manager in the biggest businesses in the world, you’ll be empowered to make the important decisions and create the important relationships, in the right way, that will enable you to achieve the success you want, and be an inside player where you formerly felt like a victim of the organization or your boss.

I also want to give you some guidance about some things you want to look for as you look for a career coach.

You want to be sure they’re represented in any program that you consider, because these will make or break your success at work.

These things will make a difference in your productivity, your compensation, and most importantly, your satisfaction.

1. Look for a Career Coach website that demonstrates how the coach will support you

The number one thing you want to be clear about is that you have a coach who’s helping you get clear about:

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your purpose at work?
  • What is your purpose for working?
  • What are you doing with your life? Consider this: If you spend most of your hours and most of your days working, that IS what you’re doing with your life. Are you spending your life the way you want?
  • What are you doing in your coaching arrangement?

If you don’t have real clarity, any results will be an outcome. Your coach may declare success, even when you don’t feel satisfied.

Be certain and be clear about what you’re there to do.

Hire a coach who’s going to take the time to work with you, to understand what you’re really there to achieve, and to help you determine and create how that’s going to play out for you. 

Clarify your purpose with the Life Purpose Blueprint

I offer you a download below. It’s the first step, clarity of purpose. It will help you determine exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, and why.

How will you know you’ve achieved your coaching goal until you’ve clearly defined it?

You have to be clear about what it is. With a clear goal, you can create and have anything you want.

2. Look for a career coach website that helps you build your network

The second thing that is really critical in any coaching is being thoughtful about the relationships involved in your career at work, and the skills you’re bringing to create them.

It’s the relationships you’re creating that ultimately create or destroy your career success.

Your relationships are the difference between a fantastic, amazing career versus a career where you’re wondering what’s not quite right.

You may be looking for a career coach website right now, precisely because you know something’s not quite right, but you can’t quite figure it out. That was me, about 20 years into my career. After I spent a few more years and $10s of thousands in coaching, counseling, therapy, and attorneys, after I got back to fundamentals of leadership, I had the breakthrough that enabled me to get promoted, consistently be picked to lead teams, and be thanked frequently for my contribution by team members, managers, and clients. Any sevenths grader can do these things. It’s just a matter of training and application.

Be sure you’re working with someone who’s going to take you seriously, and also take seriously your relationships with others. Be thoughtful about who you’re working with. Make sure they’ll help you make sure that those relationships are great. It’ll make a huge difference not only at work but all over your life.

3. Look for a career coach website that teaches leadership skills

The third thing you want to see in a career coach website is a focus on leadership skills.

Leadership skills are important regardless of your role

In modern organizations, every team member matters, and every team member needs to bring leadership to the area of the business they manage. Whatever your role, if you are trusted to bring effective leadership skills and decision-making capacity to your role, you’ll always be more effective than your peers in the role, and you’ll always have a leg-up on the competition for raises, promotions, and other opportunities

If you don’t think it’s true, I invite you to consider any person in any organization who is perceived to be at the opposite end of that spectrum. What about the person who isn’t highly reliable or trustworthy, or even not necessary. I guarantee you, unnecessary people are exited from the organization. Every person matters. That’s why they’re retained.

Better people are always prioritized over others when the time comes to shrink the pool. The “soft skills” that distinguish the “good” performers from the “great” team members aren’t that difficult to learn or practice. The problem is most people don’t even know they exist, and most of the rest of us don’t bother to train ourselves in those areas. Those who take the simple steps to develop the simple skills will forever be more valuable and will have their choice of opportunities.

Leadership skills are about communication skills, and so much more

In every position in a modern organization, people need to bring leadership and authority to the execution of their role. This is true for everyone, whether they are a receptionist or a PhD specialist in economics. They need to be able to bring people into a conversation about what they do in a way that’s compelling. That enables people to understand what help they need sometimes. It also enables them to influence thinking and decisions that are important to them and the company.

Good leaders will tell you how you can help them and what they need. That’s one of the reasons why we like working with good leaders.

They say, “Look, I got this thing, I need it done, and I’m not sure how. Can you help me?

Among other things good leaders make problems seem like opportunities, and they enable others to contribute in ways they can win.

4. Look for a career coach website that demonstrates how they’ll help you

That’s just one of several keys about leadership. Be sure your career coach is bringing new concepts into the conversation and helping you become a leader in ways you haven’t been before.

Find a career coach website that demonstrates how they’ll help you, in ways you didn’t realize you could be helped.

The great news here, whether it’s leadership or relationships, is these things are not rocket science.

Anyone with a high school diploma or the qualifications to get one has the skills and capacity to learn basic relationship and leadership skills. Learning these skills includes putting them to work and developing good relationships and leadership habits. These habits will keep people magnetically attracted to you and happy to be around you.

By developing strong leadership and relationship skills, you become a valuable team member that employers and bosses will want to build teams around. This can open up opportunities for career advancement, and it should be a key focus of your ongoing Career Coaching Plan, whether you want to advance or not.

Even if you don’t want to advance, when your manager and the leadership team see that you’re someone who creates leadership and is a stabilizing force in the organization, they’ll keep you even if you don’t want to be promoted because they’ll know they’re better off with you in any way you’re happy and willing to stay.

5. Look for a career coach website that offers a Free Coaching Session

One thing I want to provide you absolutely for free with the download is some coaching.

I want to help you get clear about what your purpose is, what your priorities are, and what your #1 focus ought to be for the next several months.

I want to help you create a path, a plan to get there. With that, you’ll be well on your way. It’s about the execution and then the occasional check-in to ensure you’re getting the desired results. That will help you tune up and address difficult times and situations.

We’ll do it in a safe environment where you’re not going to be graded by someone, where you’re not afraid your boss will think less of you if you ask him to help you or tell him or her you’re having a problem.

6. Look for a career coach website that offers a safe space.

Get the download and opt-in for the coaching session in a private, one-on-one conversation, on a secure line. It’ll make a huge difference.

Whether we move forward working together or not, I do know that I can make a difference for you. I hope you’ll allow me to give you that opportunity. 

Click the link to download the Life Purpose Blueprint:

A good career coach accelerates your success. Take the first step now. Download the Life Purpose Blueprint.
A good career coach accelerates your success. Take the first step now! Download the Life Purpose Blueprint.

“I was really able to identify clearly what really works best for me.”
“What I was really looking for was some direction, and the Teams program, and what you offer, and the lectures, and the materials, and the questions, all the exercises… They did do exactly that. Because in my mind, I’m thinking that I’m trying to regain a vision or the vision that I had. But it’s synonymous with purpose. And you present purpose as that foundation. And I totally agree with that.”
“I got extreme value. I figured out something psychologically that’s taken me 35 years to figure out, so thank you!”

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