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Introduction to the Career Acceleration Roadmap

Introduction to the Career Acceleration Roadmap

  • Have you ever wanted to be more accountable to yourself, have more confidence and focus, THINK BIGGER, see more possibilities in your life?
  • Are you feeling stuck in a career loop, unsatisfied with your progress, or in a dead-end job with a dead-end boss, team, or company?
  • What if you could answer simple questions to clarify and accelerate your strategic plan?

Career Acceleration Academy clients report making more money, getting better jobs, changing careers after participation Academy programs.

Welcome to the Career Acceleration Roadmap

Welcome to the Career Acceleration Roadmap of Career Acceleration Academy, where mid-career knowledge workers transform their careers on a transformational journey from:

  1. Confusion to Clarity
  2. Uncertainty to Confidence
  3. Inaction to Action
  4. Concepts to Results

The roadmap is your guide to execute your strategic plan, be more effective, achieve job satisfaction, and work-life balance.

If you’re curious or seeking answers, you’ve come to the right place.

Career Acceleration Roadmap.
Career Acceleration Roadmap.

If you’re a mid-career professional seeking clarity, growth, and fulfillment, the Career Acceleration Roadmap is your personalized guide.

Do any of the following with the Career Acceleration Roadmap:

🔍Find & follow your North Star

🤠Have more confidence

💰Make more money

🚀Get promoted or change careers

🌟Be supported by your boss

🧩Build self-managing remote teams

🕺🏼Change your life with agile leadership skills

You can, with the Career Acceleration Roadmap!

Clarify your purpose and direction; even if you need help knowing where to start, you’re not a manager, or you need a team.

The Career Acceleration Roadmap is based on psychology, problem-solving, engineering, management, leadership principles, and design thinking. It emphasizes soft skills that your technical education should have addressed but didn’t.

Transform your life with the Career Acceleration Roadmap


  1. Uncertainty and dissatisfaction to confident authority
  2. Confusion to Clarity
  3. Paralysis to Action
  4. Ideas to Results

You’re not alone with the Career Acceleration Roadmap

Like you, many of my clients have worked hard, earned an education, made sacrifices, and landed a good job.

Now, you might be wondering if it’s the right job for you. Maybe you’re thinking about what else you need to know to succeed in it.

Even though things seem fine on the surface, you may not feel like the confident insider or achiever you want to be.

Omario got clarity of purpose, focus, and results in the Career Acceleration Academy.
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George headshot
George headshot

How Dylan Helped Me Rediscover My True Self

“Dylan has really, really helped me move forward, remembering who I am, remembering who I wanted to be in all of this, before all these people showed up, grabbing at me. It’s been refreshing. It’s been calming. It’s been insanely productive.” You might also like…

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Jul 16, 2023

How Dylan Empowered Me to Pursue My Dreams

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Jul 16, 2023

How Dylan Empowered Me to Embrace What’s Best for Me

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Who would benefit from the Career Acceleration Academy?

“The kind of people who would most benefit from Dylan’s career acceleration program would be someone who’s stuck in their career and doesn’t know what to do next or is looking for a new way to bring their team together to make some great things happen.” You might also l…

George M.

Jul 16, 2023

Many of us were educated in technical fields like business, law, or computer science, which didn’t fully prepare us for the demands of today’s complex businesses.

We often lack the essential foundation to build strong, productive relationships at work.

Whether in business or personal connections, it can feel like we don’t always fit in, right?

Now, you might be wondering what steps to take to do that.

Here are four essential things you need to achieve clarity and confidence in redirecting your relationships and career on the path you want. These form the backbone of my Career Acceleration Roadmap:

Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 1: Find Clarity of Purpose

The first thing you need is a clear sense of purpose. It acts like your guiding star, providing absolute clarity about what truly matters to you and how to get there.

Step 1: Find Clarity of Purpose
Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 1: Find Clarity of Purpose

Traditional education and job-seeking often overlook a crucial question:

“What do you really want to do?”

Instead, they give you predefined options to choose from, which might not align with your true aspirations. They might not even know about your unique path; they are focused on getting you employed.

But when you look closer, you may find something that suits you better, considering your skills and professionalism. It’s time to go after what truly resonates with you. But first, you must figure out what that is.

With the Career Acceleration Roadmap, we can help you gain a clearer understanding and guide you towards a more suitable path.

If you feel like your current situation doesn’t fit, it could be because you need a clear understanding of your next steps, from right where you are. With this, you can achieve results that surpass what you’ve experienced. You’ll feel like an insider on your chosen path.

Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 2: Confident Mindset

The second important step is to have a strong, confident mindset, knowing you’re on the right path and having the determination to stay committed.

It all starts with that clear sense of purpose.

Step 2: Confident Mindset
Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 2: Confident Mindset

The Career Acceleration Roadmap gives you the tools to build strong self-assurance.

Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 3: Meaningful Connections

The third essential element is having the certainty that you can build rock-solid working relationships with anyone.

Believe it or not, you can!

These are just a set of skills that you might not have learned elsewhere.

Step 3: Meaningful Connections
Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 3: Meaningful Connections

Our Career Acceleration Roadmap ensures you develop the essential skills to foster strong connections, enhancing collaboration and opening doors to new opportunities.

Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 4: Influence People

The fourth essential factor is developing leadership skills to effectively lead and manage people and teams, achieving the results you desire.

Step 4: Influence People
Career Acceleration Roadmap Step 4: Influence People

In your career, you’ve likely followed others’ directions, which has brought you this far—how we’re taught from school.

But there comes a time when this approach no longer works, leaving us feeling stuck in our careers.

Why are we passed over for promotions, or can’t figure out what’s missing?

The truth is, we won’t be told until we find the answers ourselves!

Believe, Achieve, Inspire!

Don’t be put off by thoughts that might seem a bit unconventional or not suited to you. The truth is, having a career you love, one that truly fits you, is possible with the Career Acceleration Roadmap.

Take a moment to understand the game you’re playing every day at work—are you meant for it?

I want you to have that fulfilling career because it’s not impossible. It really can work for you, just like it does for others.

Others had no reason to tell me, and I didn’t know until I reflected on my career, received guidance, and learned from insiders.

Now, I want to share those valuable lessons with you.

You deserve the Career Acceleration Roadmap!

There are millions of people who wonder why they can’t move forward. It’s actually pretty simple once you understand, and it’s in these four steps.

These are all learnable skills!

Each of the four steps above is based on learnable skills, just like any other course you’ve taken.

As a business manager, you probably know many of these skills already. Those who possess inside information and insights aren’t any smarter or more motivated than you or me.

Some individuals have access to information we don’t, but once you understand how it all works, you can become an insider too. You’ll know what’s going on, things they haven’t shared with you.

The problem is that most school programs don’t teach these skills. Even if they cover some, they rarely cover them all.

Relationships might be discussed in psychology and counseling, while leadership and management are explored in business school.

Mindset? It’s rarely addressed, maybe in an innovation or psychology program, maybe in a coaching program for aspiring competitors.

It’s quite unusual, right?

But don’t worry, finding the purpose of your life, knowing what to do, and understanding how to get where you want are questions that are fun and easy to answer.

As far as executing a plan to fulfill your purpose in life, engineers have tackled similar complex problems for decades. When you ask and answer the right questions, you get the right answers. Then you’ll have a clear direction and plan to follow, making it easier to know exactly what steps to take.

The Career Acceleration Roadmap empowers you with actionable insights, enabling you to effectively lead teams, drive results, and shape your desired outcomes.

How did I create the Career Acceleration Roadmap?

Earlier in my career, I was passed over for promotions four times in three years and was miserable at home. My brother told me to stop complaining or do something about it: it had been five years! As a man of action with an MBA and a new home by a lake, I had no idea how I’d fallen so far without even noticing.

Years of therapy, coaching, and training later, I committed to having fantastic relationships and being the leader my graduate school claimed I’d be. Then, I got promoted, picked to lead teams, lost 50 pounds, and met a fantastic woman who coached me to my first marathon.

Now, I help other mid-career knowledge workers execute their strategic plans, and I participate in triathlons and multi-day cycling tours for fun.

Who am I?

I’m Dylan Cornelius, the creator of the Career Acceleration Academy and Career Acceleration Roadmap.

I have more than 20 years experience in business and leadership, and degrees in psychology and business. I’ve led small and large collocated and remote teams for some of the best companies in the world, and delivered more than $40 million of revenues and cost savings. I’ve delivered dozens of custom products and solutions that are still powering successful businesses today. As a former recruiter, professional career coach, business manager and team leader, I’ve coached literally thousands of aspiring professionals in improving their careers.

I want to teach you more about it and show you how it works.

Learn more about the Career Acceleration Program

Click the link below to schedule a 45-minute clarity consultation.

Feel free to schedule a meetup: Schedule a meetup by clicking here 👈

We’ll meet up, and I’ll show you how it works.

I look forward to being a part of your future in your career. You deserve it, and you can get it. I look forward to talking to you soon.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve already demonstrated a commitment far beyond average. You’re in a rare group of modern knowledge workers. You’re amazing. I’m glad you’re here!

Career Acceleration Academy

An introduction to the Career Acceleration Program

The Career Acceleration Program is a holistic, experiential program that includes the following activities and resources:

  1. Clarity Call
  2. Strategy Session
  3. Onboarding Call
  4. Life Purpose Formula
  5. Get to Commitment
  6. Infinite Vision Blueprint
  7. Innovation Accelerator
  8. Mindset Mastery Formula
  9. Stress Management Blueprint
  10. Fantastic Relationship Formula
  11. Leadership Accelerator
  12. Team Acceleration Formula
  13. Personal Endurance Formula
  14. Abundant Mindset Formula
  15. Time Management Formula
  16. Group & 1:1 support in a vibrant, empathetic, kind, confidential community

Click the link below to schedule a 45-minute clarity consultation.

Feel free to schedule a meetup: Schedule a meetup by clicking here 👈

We’ll meet up, and I’ll show you how it works.

I look forward to being a part of your future in your career. You deserve it, and you can get it. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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I've led small and large collocated and remote teams, delivering more than $40 million in revenues and cost savings. My teams and I have delivered ground-breaking products and services that still power successful businesses today.

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