Career Acceleration Academy products enable you to clarify your objectives and execute your strategic plan as a do-it-yourself project.

Career Acceleration Academy is like a choose-your-own-adventure series for your life.

Career Acceleration Academy products include a strategy session

Ebook cover. Develop your career and confidence. Create a personalized strategic plan. Your blueprint for your best life. Includes: 1. The four pillars of success. 2. Continuous improvement. 3. Risk management. 4. Agile management. By Dylan Cornelius, Career Acceleration Academy


Clarify your priorities and direction.

Set clear objectives and goals.

Move forward confidently.

**27-page downloadable pdf instructional guide**

Life Purpose Blueprint. Align your priorities. Stay focused. Make a plan.

Life Purpose Blueprint

Find your purpose and have confidence in your goals. 

Plan Your Work. 

Execute Your Plan.

**32-page downloadable pdf workbook**

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Career Acceleration Academy

Our holistic, six-module personal development program guides you as you clarify your direction, sharpen your focus, expand your confidence, and revolutionize your career.

Expand your personal effectiveness, improve working relationships, and upgrade your team management and leadership skills.