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Be Organized: Use a PowerBoard

Be Organized: Use a PowerBoard

Give Yourself An Overview

In large companies, it’s common for managers to create executive “dashboard”s of data related to important initiatives or operational activities.

Each of my courses has a syllabus. The syllabus is a roadmap of the journey my clients take from where they start to where they want to be.

I want my clients to be able to:

  • see the roadmap they create,
  • see and monitor the progress they make on their journey, and
  • be able to review the activities and deliverables they create on their journey.

Looking back and seeing progress in the context of the end goal is one way to create and sustain power and momentum in an initiative.

Create a management dashboard for your most important initiatives

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Without a clear vision of the future, your plan dies too. Along with your plan goes the prospect of achieving any goals that went with it.

Be Certain

It’s important for participants on the journey to be able to see the big picture, so they can be along for the entire trip, ask questions, and discuss misunderstandings, concerns, or questions ASAP.

Uncertainty, ambiguity, and confusion create a context for disempowerment, and disempowerment lines the path to failure.

Be Present

My clients package all their deliverables (writing assignments, plans, affirmations, etc.) in a single location for regular review and future revision when appropriate.

These documents are living documents: they have life and power only as long as people (including and especially the leaders of the initiatives) use them.

Out of sight is out of mind, and out of mind is out of existence.


Stay Present Daily

I assign my clients to review their documents (or at least, the most empowering/important among them) every day.

Then, they review other documents weekly or monthly.

You must do whatever is necessary to stay focused on the big picture goals/mission.

You must stay on track with plans and activities that are necessary to achieve goals and sustain results.

Eventually, these practices become easy habits, and the feeling of ‘work’ gives way to ‘just how it is’.

Life is amazing when ‘just how it is’ is supporting the great results we really want.

Create a Calendar Reminder

Create a daily calendar entry. Use it as a reminder to be present, stay present, and share important communications. Keep goals and plans up to date. Update it as progress occurs and new Purposes and Plans materialize.

Create A PowerBoard Dashboard!

Co-locating all the documents is fairly straightforward if they’re made of paper, or if they were all created in a single MS Word document or Google Doc.

It can be trickier if the documents are electronic, especially if they’re spread across many locations (as mine are).

One way to create a dashboard if it’s not possible to put everything into the same document:

  • My individual documents reside in several different locations, so I’ve created a daily repeating calendar that reminds me to review my “PowerBoard”. (I recommend you create a similar calendar entry, as a reminder for you to review yours and empower yourself.)
  • In the calendar entry, I’ve placed links to all of the specific documents. (See the image below.)
  • It could take a long time to review every file every day, so I’ve sequenced them to put the most important/empowering/focusing ones first.
  • Periodically, if I notice my motivation or focusing waning, I’ll update some, or review more documents to get back on track.

Example PowerBoard in a Calendar entry

Example PowerBoard in a calendar entry

Here are the contents of my PowerBoard calendar entry:

“Read with a mindset of:

1. If we are not there, how do we get there?

2. If we are there, how do we 10x our experience and results?

  • Values
  • Vision
  • Identity
  • My Perfect Day And Week
  • Affirmations
  • Mission
  • Stress List
  • Annual Plan
  • Goals/Detailed Plans”


  • Could you use such a tool to be organized?
  • What would it be like to be better organized?
  • Are you ready to be better organized?

Reflect and Record Lessons Learned

Write short answers to the following questions, and include them in your new PowerBoard:

  • What was most useful for you here?
  • What one new idea can you take away and begin to use immediately?

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