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Be more effective: a guide

Be more effective: a guide

Be more effective: a guide
Be more effective: a guide


Do you want to maximize your effectiveness and achieve exceptional results?

Look no further!

I’m here to share four fundamental strategies that can revolutionize your level of effectiveness in all areas of life.

Whether it’s your professional pursuits, personal growth, or even financial success, these principles are applicable everywhere.

Best of all, they are learnable skills that anyone can develop, empowering you to transform your life.

Once you begin developing them as skills and as habits and apply them routinely, your whole life will change.

You may already be applying one or more of them or some parts of them, but when you start putting them together, the difference is amazing.

You’re going to be thrilled with the results!

1. Be more effective by identifying your purpose

To be more effective, the first thing you need to apply is to have absolute clarity of purpose.

You need to have a clear definition of what effectiveness means for you.

Believe it or not, when you start talking to different people, you’ll find that effectiveness is measured differently.

Your definition of effectiveness matters, and it’s easy to overlook this as obvious.

But all too often it’s not apparent at all.

For example, if you listen to a pro bowler about what effectiveness looks like in their art, or craft or sport, you’d get a completely different result than you would if you talk to a pro triathlete.

Effectiveness is different, effectiveness to a marketing professional is different than effectiveness to an accounting professional, and it matters.

If you don’t have clarity of purpose, you’re stuck at the starting line.

Clarity of purpose is the first key to being more effective.

2. Be more effective with an action plan

The second thing you need to be more effective is a plan.

How do you translate that purpose statement into a plan of action that would demonstrate you’re actually going to be successful?

A plan gives you clear actions that you can begin taking right now to be more effective or that you can direct or ask others to help you.

Often, plenty of people in your life would help you if you asked a straightforward question that they could answer. They would be happy to help you create and execute your plan.

You absolutely want to create a plan that supports your definition of effectiveness.

The second key to be more effective is a plan.

3. Be more effective by practicing leadership skills

The third thing you need, if you want to be more effective, is leadership skills.

You want to apply leadership skills everywhere.

There’s a certain negative stigma to the idea of leadership because of some bad examples you have probably seen or heard in the media or elsewhere.

But the bottom line is it comes down to intention and definition of effectiveness. Fundamentally, those people, if you see them as negative examples, they have a plan and they’re executing it, whether you like it or not. Also, they have a following of people who look up to them for who they are and what they represent.

Furthermore, there are other people who are exercising leadership who you look up to as role models. You simply maybe haven’t considered that those people you respect are also applying and modeling leadership skills.

After all, the first and foremost trait of an effective leader is that people respect them — at least, their followers respect them.

In this case, I use the word “followers” loosely… After all, those who work with and for a leader rarely think of themselves as followers. Furthermore, effective leaders likely don’t think about those they lead as followers. More likely, they treat them as respected equals, colleagues, fans, clients, patients, patrons, etc.

4. Be more effective through great relationships

This is your opportunity to become clear about what you want to do, to get clear about the plan you intend to follow, to influence others, get help from others, and become a magnetically attractive person to others around your area, with and through your purpose.

Leadership skills include having great relationships.

Too often, people believe in our Western society and, here in the United States, think we have to do it alone. We’re trained that way through many years of school, that if you didn’t do it yourself, it doesn’t count. All too often, we’re punished for not doing it ourselves.

However, the most effective people have teams and people working for them, or, at least, with them. Leadership skills are going to matter more to you than anything else (after clarity of purpose and a plan) when it comes to being effective.

Anyone can learn leadership skills and relationship skills from grade school up.

These are simple actions and thoughts that when you begin applying them consistently, you’re going to see such a huge difference in your performance and your effectiveness.

Download the Blueprint- For free!

I hope you will grab the blueprint below and take advantage of it. It’ll help you clarify your purpose, and if you need it, I hope you’ll reach out to me and schedule a Strategy Session that comes with the blueprint.

We will clarify your purpose and begin to create a plan for you! If you want, I’ll even give you my planning guide.

In that strategy session, we’re going to define your #1 priority over the next several months in the area of your personal, professional, and financial lives.

We’re going to get you in action, in a confident way and really make a difference in your effectiveness starting immediately because you can begin learning and applying these skills right now.

I hope to meet you. I look forward to being a part of your success journey. Talk to you soon.

Download the Life Purpose Blueprint

Be more effective with the Life Purpose Blueprint. Take the first step now! Download now.
Be more effective with the Life Purpose Blueprint. Take the first step now! Download now.
Be more effective!

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