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Here's What Motivated Me To Lose Fifty Pounds The Second Time

In 2008, I received my first free health checkup as an employee of Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. My results weren’t great, but they weren’t horrible either. They were at the high end of healthy, and they changed between 2008 and 2009: each one got a little worse, by just a point or two. However, the […]

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012

Can You Believe It Took Me Twenty Years To Write A Personal Vision Statement?

It Seems Like a Dream Forever -- Then Suddenly It's Real

Over 20 years ago, I bought a book called Build Your Own Life Brand. I didn’t finish it. About a decade later, I started a blog. More than a decade after that, I finally published my first public blog post. The hard part in these initiatives was the introspection. I wasn’t yet able to sit […]

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He Was Starting A Business: Entrepreneurship Meant New Actions To Take

2 Places To Start

We were flying down the highway on a three-hour trip, hurtling through space and time, ensconced in the drone of the engine, the whistle of the wind outside the windows, and the hum of tires on the road. We had time on our hands. He knew I have business training and experience. He asked me […]

Test Your Understanding: What You Believe Isn't Always True

Continuous Improvement In Triathlon: I Want To Qualify For Boston Marathon

5 Keys To Triathlon Performance

There I was in the foyer of my home, hot and sweaty after a bicycle ride in the late-spring heat, searching for the reason to continue. I knew I wouldn’t keep cycling 3 days a week, so I chose to enter a triathlon: I’d wanted to be a triathlete since childhood. Since then, I’ve discovered continuous improvement, […]

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012

Information Security Assessment

These Things Are Critical

Conversations about information security are so awash in the myriad details of shiny objects, silver bullets, attacks, threats, risks, tools, tips, hacks, and one-size-fits-all solutions, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of security. For example, if I had to perform a physical security assessment for a home, I’d need to know the people […]

Businessman looks in shock at a document he just read

We Needed A Miracle

We Created A Plan

The lead software developer on my team came by my desk to tell me she needed to tell me something. Her plan was to step into a conference room, apparently due to the sensitive nature of the message. Once in the small room, she broke the news. “We’re screwed. The team and I have discussed […]

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She Was Fired With Severance

Why Was She Angry?

There I was at work, walking down the hallway to check in with a coworker. Another coworker approached me, moving fast. “That <insert profanity here> just fired me!”* “Whoa!”, I said. “You’re still in the building. Usually you’d be walked out the door if you’d been fired.” “My last day is next Friday.” “Will you […]

When they pay you to leave, get going!

Information Security Silver Bullets

People Are The Answer

There I was at an information security expo. Information security silver bullets is a booming business. There are several of these a year in every major metro. They’re day-long, or multi-day events, with dozens of vendors and multiples more attendees. The number of risks, threats, tips, tricks, secret weapons, silver bullets, products, and services represented […]

Silver bullets are everywhere. Caveat Emptor.

Knee Pain (When You Walk)?

7 Things You Can Do

There I was at work. I stood up from my chair. It was brutal. Knee pain. My knees felt like someone had driven a nail from the outside of each one, directly through the hinge of each knee, toward my body’s midline. The right knee was worse, but either one would be sufficient to convince me […]

7 Things You Can Do To Relieve Knee Pain

He Increased Leads And Sales 25%

He Improved His Reputation

There I am at my doctor’s office, and I ask, “How’s business?”* He says he’d like to improve customer visits and sales per visit. He gets a lot of calls, but not all are great prospects. There’s a lot of upside potential. I tell him, “That’s interesting, and maybe not surprising. I noticed your Yelp […]

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