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How to Plan Your Product: Salary Tools to Love Your Professional Job

How to Plan Your Product: Salary Tools to Love Your Professional Job

  • Isn’t it be great to be paid fairly?

  • Would you love to receive the pay you know you’re worth?

  • Avoid the stress of not knowing your salary expectations aren’t aligned with your employer’s…

Studies have found a hundred million people in the United States believe they’re underpaid (link below).

Many probably are.

A hundred million people in the United States believe they’re underpaid.

  • It’s nearly impossible to live in these United States without knowing someone (or being someone) who believes they deserve more money in their paycheck.
  • It’s also nearly impossible to meet several people at work and not find at least one who believes they should be earning more money.
  • Finally, I’ve known many people who are downright bitter about their earnings situation (and I’ve been there myself).

…but people don’t talk about money

This is all compounded by workplace conventions not to discuss earnings with your coworkers.

Unfortunately, this unwillingness to discuss money at work likely begins at home.

  • Many families and communities have a real, cultural taboo about discussing money.
  • In fact, surveys indicate that more than 2/3 of people don’t like to talk about money, even more so than discussing politics or religion (link below), and
  • nearly half don’t even know how much their spouse earns (link below).

As a result of our unwillingness to discuss salary or get help about it, many of us remain silently bitter about our salary situation.

…even though they aren’t prohibited from doing so…

Some companies have fired workers (illegally) for sharing pay-related information amongst themselves, and

While some companies may have policies about not discussing salary at work, in fact, it’s actually illegal for employers to attempt to regulate this type of conversation (link below).

At the same time, while an employer doesn’t have the right to regulate you sharing your own salary information, many still have the right, in many states, to lay you off for no reason at all, so

It would be wise to share your information with discretion.

Now there is free help available 

Now you don’t have to be (so) alone.

Numerous organizations collect and anonymously share aggregated salary information that you can use as a baseline for your own salary considerations.

With the advent of the internet, everyone with an internet connection has access to free information about salaries in many professions and locations.

It takes nothing more than a few clicks and entering a few details about your desired (or current) role and location.


Go collect a few data points about salary standards for your role in your location.

Here are several free online salary portals:

Understand what other people in your role are typically willing to accept in your area.

These people are your competition:

If other people in your role are mostly willing to accept less pay than you want, you may have a hard time earning more (on average) in your area.

Don’t be dismayed…

Do you want to be paid more?

If you want to earn more, there’s something you can do about it.

Next, click here and learn how to increase your salary in the next few months

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Click the link above and increase your salary in the next few months

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