4 Things You Can Do To Create A Great Day, Every Time

I woke at 6:30 am yesterday morning, but it was cold, so I stayed in bed. I dozed, thinking about the many things I need to do, and the concerns that remain unfulfilled in my life. By 9:45, I was out of bed, the result of a bladder so full I could no longer ignore it.


I couldn’t shake the feeling of uneasiness, of unmet need, of suffocating dread, that had overtaken me. In truth, I had allowed that feeling to overtake me by lying there, inactive, rolling over and over in my mind the concerns of my life.


I had a late lunch appointment with an amazing, inspiring young woman who has worked in the White House, campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, and even worked in Texas state government. I believe she only recently graduated from college, so I don’t know where she got all the free time. The big takeaway for me, irrespective of political leanings, is that she had clearly been someone in action, doing what she loved and felt passionately about. She was a picture of inspiring optimism and achievement, despite the crushing blow she most recently felt with the change of administrations.

This morning I was up about 7:45 and I’ve had breakfast, taken care of some chores around the house, and paid some bills by the time I was just getting up yesterday. As I walked to get a glass of water, I observed that I felt really good, confident, optimistic, hopeful, in action, moving my concerns forward, and making a difference, no matter how small, in the positive trajectory of my life.

Aliveness arises from a state of being in action. Take action in an area that is important to you!

This Got Me Thinking

The difference between two different emotional and mindset extremes was little more than the difference between getting out of bed and doing something important, meaningful, and constructive, versus doing nothing and just remaining still with my meandering thoughts. I’ve heard in 12-step programs and at least one Landmark program that “A mind is a terrible thing”, and I’ve understood that before now. However, I’ve seen it all over again:

  • My thoughts create my mindset for the entire day.
  • Many people meditate the first thing in the morning, or any other time, to clear their minds and create a space for creation in their lives.
  • Getting in action and doing something important, meaningful, and constructive early in the day can create a mindset of optimism and ability, and set the pace for achievement all day long.

4 Things You Can Do

  1. Create a short list of actions you’ll take in the first hour or two after you wake up. These could be daily habits or specific actions for the day. Put them on your calendar or your bathroom mirror or bedside table, where you’ll be sure to see them.
  2. Create a brief statement of who you are, or an inspiring quote, or a photo or picture of something or someone who inspires you, and place that where you’ll see it upon waking or shortly afterward. Use it to guide your mindset to powerful actions you’ll take to deliver on your biggest commitments in life.
  3. Create a list of positively oriented words you can use to organize your thinking and speaking, so you’re able to consistently and spontaneously interject positive vibes into any person or situation.
  4. Share in the comments below, what you do that enables you to sustain a positive mindset and high achievement throughout the day.


About Me And This Blog


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  • Share simple actions the reader can take to create a mindset that supports their best life.


  • Anyone who thinks more is possible.
  • Anyone who occasionally suffers from the condition of being human.


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Also published on Medium.

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Also published on Medium.