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The Career Acceleration Program

What you get

See what’s stopping you, so you can stop it dead in its tracks and move forward powerfully and confidently.

Be certain about what actions to take, be decisive and focused, and be 100% committed.​

Get in action and do something about the things that mean the most to you. Have confidence, knowing that you're on the right path.

Build a foundation for successful leadership and change management.

Be understood, have certainty about expectations and agreements, be confident in the quality of your relationships, and experience true partnership.

Create teamwork, collaboration, and mentorship. Graduate from low productivity to high leverage.

Prioritize your mental, emotional, social, and physical health and fitness.

And more...

What you want.

  • Confidential help at work.
  • Renewed clarity of purpose.
  • Have confidence in your career and relationships.

How it will change you.

  • Be able to solve problems that formerly flummoxed you.

  • Learn how to manage change, expected and unexpected.
  • Grow your management and leadership skills and influence.

Materials you get with the Career Acceleration Academy

How you get it

8 Module video program

90-minute group and 1:1 coaching sessions

Career Acceleration Roadmap

Skills-development Blueprints

Daily, weekly, and monthly accountability

Apply what you learn in practice immediately

Email, text, and telephone support

And more to come...

About Us

With 30 years of business innovation experience, Dylan has helped thousands of people and some of the world’s best businesses to define and execute their strategic plans. He understands the transformational importance of having the confidence and support to define and live your unique strategic plan. He’s enthusiastic about working with you to define and implement your plan today.

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