Hi, I’m Dylan Cornelius.

Dylan Cornelius

Where managers execute their personal strategies

I help mid-career managers:

  1. Level the playing field against their competition in the employment market.
  2. Locate or create the professional role that brings the greatest satisfaction and reward.
  3. Create the lifestyle that serves them best.

I do this by helping them prioritize and clarify, then execute their strategic plans.

In it for the long haul

When I’m not creating or executing a plan, I’m on a road or trail in preparation for a cycling tour, hike, or endurance race. Usually, those tours, hikes, and races involve my Honey Bunny, Lori.

Introduce yourself, and let’s exchange stories!

It hasn’t always seemed so simple

I was on the phone with my brother, telling him how unhappy I was in my marriage.

“Do something about it or quit complaining”, he said. “It’s been five years.”

“Five years?!” I asked. “You must be mistaken. No way.”

“Oh, yes.”, he said. “Remember that first time you said you were unhappy? That was five years ago.”

He told me a story that sounded vaguely familiar. At first, it didn’t register, but then I realized it was my story. It had happened in my life — to me.

…and when I told him that earlier story, I’d been sitting in that same green mini-van, in front of that same red brick house next to the lake, after a day at that same job.

“Oh my gosh!”, I thought back to that time. “It has been five years!”

I struggled on my own for a long time

…and that job wasn’t a bed of roses either. I’d been passed over for promotions four times in three years, as I repeatedly watched my peers promoted to be my boss.

At the same time, my wife and I were miserable together…

So I did what any multiple-degree holding Top-20 university-educated professional would do: I took more classes and read more books.

But that didn’t solve my problems.

Next, I hired therapists, counselors, coaches, doctors, attorneys, and nutritionists.

I participated in 12-step programs, Toastmasters, Landmark Worldwide, and Weight Watchers.

Eventually, I saw the problem. Through decades of focus on achievement and personal development, I hadn’t been taking care of the people in my life, at home or work, least of all myself.

I discovered the “Career Acceleration Roadmap”

When I began focusing on the quality of my relationships and taking care of people, my life turned around.

Now, rather than being passed over for promotions and laid off, I’m picked to lead teams, and I’m routinely acknowledged for the value I provide to people and organizations.

Though my marriage didn’t survive, I met Lori, a fantastic woman who trained me for my first 2 marathons. I lost 50 pounds, and now I do marathons and triathlons for fun.

When I began focusing on building and sustaining teams, just as I’d done at work and trained to do in graduate school, I got my allergies and autoimmunity under control, and I began receiving awards for my running results.

Lori and I ride a tandem bike on week-long tours. If there’s anything that will drive a relationship to its inevitable outcome, it’s tandem cycling and canoeing: our relationship works.

Soon we’ll be doing month-long tours and hikes.

Through all those courses and professional services, including over a thousand hours of coaching and related training, I learned the things that made the difference for me, and I created a curriculum anyone can follow that will enable anyone to have experience the same positive, life-changing results.

I’ve called it the “Career Acceleration Roadmap.”

This is for everyone

I’ve committed to creating a world that works for everyone, by helping everyone apply the “Career Acceleration Roadmap” in their own lives and careers:

  1. Clarify your purpose in life.
  2. Master your mindset and self-talk.
  3. Upgrade your relationships, teamwork, and leadership skills.

More about Dylan Cornelius

My Personal Mission

I inspire and empower innovative, impactful, inspiring, committed, and fun people to fulfill their purpose in life using the “Career Acceleration Roadmap”.

My Personal Vision

I envision a world that works for everyone, everywhere, with no one and nothing left out.

My Personal Values

I value:

  • Adventure. I love the journey and process of creating the future, in initiatives with uncertain outcomes.
  • Fitness: I believe everything can and should be sufficient for the need.
  • Service: We are all better and more inspired when we are operating in service of something bigger than ourselves.
  • Endurance: I build things that last for as long as necessary, and I do it without destroying value elsewhere.
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Promoted: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics

Promoted: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics

My University Education

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The University of California

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Santa Clara University
Management of Technology and Innovation

My Professional Certifications

PMI PMP badge

Project Management ProfessionalCreating organizations that innovate to deliver strategic goals

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum MasterManaging with agility to quickly deliver expected results and continuously improve

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certified Information Systems Security ProfessionalCreating and managing sustainable organizations that:
1. Define an acceptable level of risk
2. Measure the level of risk
2. Sustainably manage risk within acceptable tolerances
Strategic Intervention  Practitioner of ExcellenceStrategic Intervention Coaching to support people through challenging transitions to achieve higher levels of performance and satisfaction

Some Athletic Pursuits

Lori And Dylan At The 2015 Easter Hill Country Ride. Tandem Cycling Rules!
Tandem Cycling: Lori And Dylan At The 2015 Easter Hill Country Ride. Tandem Cycling Rules!
Austin Half Marathon 2016 Lori T Brown and Dylan Cornelius
Running: Austin Half Marathon 2016 Lori T Brown and Dylan Cornelius
Dylan Cornelius begins the 5k run leg of the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon, June 16, 2019.
Triathlon: Dylan Cornelius begins the 5k run leg of the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon, June 16, 2019.

Products and Services I’ve Delivered

I’ve helped the best businesses create new capabilities and build new products. I can help you create new capabilities and execute new plans in your career and life too.

Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC

  • Career and Relationship Coaching
  • Team Acceleration Academy
  • Personal Purpose Blueprint
  • Mindset Mastery Blueprint
  • Overtime Elimination Planner
  • Team Collaboration Accelerator
  • Team Purpose Blueprint
  • Relationship to Results
  • Finally Thin Forever

Charles Schwab & Company

Schwab Mobile app on iOS, iPad, and Android

LPL Financial

Account View

PNC Bank

Virtual Server Automation in a Dev Ops pipeline that reduced the time to deliver a server by 99%


Kasasa Loans

Dun and Bradstreet

  • Hoover’s
  • D&B360
  • D&B Direct

Applied Materials

  • Total Service Solutions
  • Total Support Solutions


  • ORPOS Point of Sale
  • Oracle WMS Warehouse Management System

Best Buy

Pricing and Tagging

Ross Stores

Warehouse Management System

UC Berkeley Science in Schools Program

Taught second graders about vision and dissected eyeballs with them

Newark Memorial High School

Tutored high school students in math and science

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