A Case Study in DevOps Continuous Improvement

I recently saw a paradox that boggled my mind, but that is very true in my experience.

Should we manage to customer experience or revenues?

We Manage to Revenues at the Expense of Everything Else

Take a moment and let the next three sentences sink in.

  1. It’s a fact that the basic tenets of lean management are about maximizing customer value and eliminating waste in the process.
  2. Jacob Stoller, the author of “The Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence”, said the following:
  3. “The basic tenets of Lean challenge many of the aspects of traditional management theory and calls for a mindset that is foreign to most executives.”

This is the key opportunity for all modern and aspiring leaders.

Eliminate Toil

Lean management is the reason the Japanese crushed U.S. manufacturing industries over the past 75 years, and it is foundational to the DevOps revolution that is sweeping enterprises today.

At PNC, I was privileged to lead teams that reduced the lead time to deliver new development and test servers by 99%. In the past, development teams would wait months for resources while they fielded emails and phone calls from managers and customers who wanted to know why it took so long. Now, developers click a button and have a server the same day, so new product and service delivery can begin almost immediately.

Leadership at PNC gets it.

Be the leader you’ve always wanted, by doing what nobody else is doing.

Act Now

Comment and thank any managers you’ve had that left you inspired to be in their organization and to develop yourself.

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Hi, I’m Dylan Cornelius.
I was passed over for promotions four times in three years, every time passed over by a peer. My marriage was a wreck. I was obese and my doctor threatened to medicate me if I didn’t lose weight.
When I calculated the per-hour value of my overtime at work, the additional money in my bonus didn’t justify the costs to my health, relationships, and personal satisfaction.
After five years of hearing me complain, my brother told me to stop complaining or do something about it. I was stunned that it had been so long.
After a long and expensive search, I realized the quality of my relationships was poor and I wasn’t taking care of other people or myself.
When I committed to creating fantastic relationships and high-performing teams in every area of my life that mattered, my life transformed.
I was promoted. Now I’m picked to lead teams and frequently thanked for my contribution.
While my marriage didn’t survive, I met an amazing woman who trained me for my first two marathons, and now I do triathlons for fun. I lost 50 pounds and controlled my diet, allergies, and autoimmunity.
Now my “Honey Bunny” and I tour for weeks at a time on a tandem bike. Soon, we’ll cross countries and continents.
I created a Team Acceleration Blueprint based on my personal development journey and decades of education and experience building and leading teams at some of the best universities and companies on the planet.
I believe the world can work for everyone. It starts with clarity of purpose, fantastic relationships, and high-performing teams. I intend to help 10,000 people create an unfair advantage and achieve results they didn’t believe were possible too.

Have more confidence with a personal strategic plan, and make real progress on your most important goals.

Have more confidence with a personal strategic plan, and make real progress on your most important goals.

Take the first step now:

Define your purpose.

Get started with your free Life Purpose Blueprint now.

Step 1 of the “Career Acceleration Roadmap.”

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