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Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 3 and 12 Month Targets: July 4, 2019

Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 3 and 12 Month Targets: July 4, 2019

  • Every quarter I set new 3 and 12 month personal and business goals.
    • These are my 3Q 2019 targets for business.
    • Personal goals are in next week’s post.
  • I shared last quarter’s accomplishments over the last 2 weeks.

Why do I set goals?

  • My biggest achievements have been the result of big goals that were supported by plans. The plans tended to evolve and became more specific as time wore on. For example, I knew I’d take 8 semesters of classes in college, but I didn’t select the specific classes until just prior to each semester.
  • The Johnson O’Connor assessment showed me I will tend to be more successful when big goals are involved. I am practicing making bigger and bigger goals, to really push what’s possible here. This is facilitated by the increasingly popular approach of using OKRs, like those used by John Doerr and Google.

Here are the goals

Two child playing arrow: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 2Q Goals (Confidence Level)

  1. Reproduce PreLaunch content for ChangeIsStillPossible.com using Jeff Walker’s PLC designs (Medium)
    1. PLC1 Video
    2. PLC2 Video
    3. PLC3 Video
  2. DylanCornelius.com web site messaging revamp (High)
  3. Re-release Facebook campaign for ChangeIsStillPossible.com after reproducing PreLaunch content above (Medium)
    1. Cost per lead < $5 (High)
    2. Cost per sale < $150 (Medium)
  4. Release new ActiveCampaigns:
    1. warm up those who were interested in ChangeIsStillPossible.com using approach shared in Danny Iny’s Course Builder’s Laboratory (Medium)
      1. Write PASTOR script topics
      2. Write PASTOR script emails
      3. Host emails in ActiveCampaign
    2. ActiveCampaigns:
      • Change Your Life
        • Pre-PreLaunch
        • PreLaunch
        • Launch
        • Post-Launch
      • Purpose In Life
        • Pre-PreLaunch
        • PreLaunch
        • Launch
        • Post-Launch
      • Find Purpose
        • Pre-PreLaunch
        • PreLaunch
        • Launch
        • Post-Launch
  5. Use Google Keyword Planner and Ryan Levesque’s Choose and Yoast copywriting tools to target ads for lifestyle change that link back to ChangeIsStillPossible.com long form opt-in page long form sales landing page. (Medium)
  6. Change Your Life Course Seed Launch Pilot (Medium)
    1. Course Content
    2. Resources
    3. Weekly Group Mastermind
    4. 1-on-1 coaching
  7. Create a Google Analytics goal for Lead magnet optins. (Medium)
  8. Update Prospect experience journey
  9. Update current org chart and Create +6 month org chart
  10. Release “Clear Direction” Planning Guide as targeted worksheets by Keyword and as a complete workbook (Medium)
    1. Connect to optins by Keyword landing page
    2. Share by ActiveCampaign to appropriate list members
  11. Create optin landing page CTAs by Keyword, and link CTAs to Posts by Keyword, after applying Keywords as Tags to each Post

DylanCornelius.com 2019 Rolling 4 Quarters Goals

1. Objective: Grow ProfitablyPhoto by Ryan Riggins on Unsplash

Key Result: Asset Growth–Product development


Produce 1 new product launch quarterly, including Pre-PreLaunch, PreLaunch, Launch, and Post-Launch content, opt-in and landing page.


Photo of typewriter by rawpixel on Unsplash

Publish one new document weekly, including:

  • Products
  • WordPress Blog posts
  • Resources (including lead magnets, tools, and products)
  • Site pages (including sales pages)
  • YouTube and Loom Videos
  • Google Docs Policies


Write 500 new words daily (all of the above plus):

  • Video scripts
  • Email campaigns

Key Result: Sales Growth — Revenue expansion

Measure: My friend Carl tells me Bob Proctor popularized the idea of turning one’s annual income into a monthly income. Game on!

  • 120 x $1,000 monthly customer purchases or
  • 60 x $2,000 monthly customer purchases or
  • 24 x $5,000 monthly customer purchases

Measure: New sales from a new or updated product quarterly

Key Result: Monthly Sales Contribution

Area (#of sales)

  • Profit (1)
  • Owner’s compensation (10)
  • Taxes (3)
  • Operating Expenses (7), includes development, licensing, hosting, and outsourcing costs.Early autumn morning in the forest with mist and dead spruces still standing

Key Result: Channel Growth

Channel: Facebook ads to email list to PLF


  • Facebook ad reach (automated)
  • Email list growth (automated)
  • Video conversion to Initial calls
  • New customers
  • Release 1 new Facebook campaign quarterly for new products
  • Release 1 new set of Marketing funnel assets with each product launch
    • Facebook: Long form Facebook ad
    • WordPress: Long form landing page
    • ActiveCampaign
    • New subscribers to lead magnets
    • Pre pre launch
    • Pre launch
    • Launch
    • Post launch

Channel: Google ads to landing page

Use Choose book/Google Trends or Yoast or Google Keyword Planner to target ads that link back to product landing page.

2. Objective: ServeBe of service

Key Result: Serve Others



  • Repeat purchases
  • growth in # of customers (1 at 4Q 2018)
  • sharing results in testimonial questionnaires
  • sharing results in group coaching sessions,
  • sharing results 1:1
  • Attending Coaching Sessions and asking questions,


Email response

    • Sharing with friends
    • Sharing results
    • Support Requests,
    • Tool feedback from emails

Website feedback

    • Engaging the Lessons with comments

Google Analytics goals:

    • Engaging the Lessons
      • Coachware post views
      • Courseware post views
    • Tool Downloads
    • Lead magnet optins
    • # of pages per session
    • Time on page
    • Post Video views
    • Post views
    • Page Video views
    • Page views
    • Returning Users (1% in January 2019)

3. Objective: Be Sustainable

Measures: Sustainable revenue (see below)

  • New product development (see growth above)
  • Deliver $1M annual revenues

Measures: Risks are managed

  • Governance
  • Incorporation/LLC
  • Finance
  • Information Security
  • Accounting

Measures: Business Systems are automated and reliant on no single person

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Human resources
  4. Administration

Key Result: Sustainable Recurring Revenue Streams


Real Estate

2 Passive income: Yes, and growing

  • Capital appreciation: Yes
  • Property management: No (Later)
Digital Products — deliver a new product on the first Thursday of every month (see above)
Online Courses
Services: Coaching/Consulting/Writing/Training
  • Group coaching is available with all courses.
  • 1:1 coaching is available with all courses.
  • Training: digital courses (see above).
  • Consulting: Guidance at Institute of Management Consultants USA
  • Writing: No plans to offer writing as a service, though it’s fundamental to this internet-based business.
Audience-based activities: Speaking/TrainingAudience photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

Training and group coaching are fundamental tenets of these online products/services. As I perfect messaging for courses and products, I will return to Toastmasters to solidify my spoken messaging. Then I’ll begin seeking out speaking opportunities with professional associations and other interest groups, where I will share about the results that are achievable with my Change Your Life courses and coaching.

Third-party funding/sponsorships/Advertising (no change)
  • PNC Bank is currently paying me to help accelerate delivery of platform infrastructure by their Dev Ops organization.
  • Texas Beef Athletic team: when I make public appearances, I receive reimbursement for races and events.
  • InsideTracker: as an InsideTracker triathlete, I’ve experienced improved energy, training, diet, and performance. As a busy athlete seeking high performance in all areas of my life, InsideTracker has taught me about my body, my fitness, proper diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. “Take a selfie from the inside”, know your numbers, and make the best decisions for your personal health and fitness. I’ve caught and resolved iron, magnesium, and vitamin D deficiencies, and experienced improvements in energy and performance. Choose the plan that’s right for you, now.
  • Consider who else I can represent for mutual benefit.
  • Ad sales: Found a plugin that promises to make ad sales easy. Found an article indicating 500 unique viewers daily would result in about $30 monthly revenues. Trigger goal here is to grow traffic on DylanCornelius.com to 500 unique users daily.
Affiliate Marketing/Joint Ventures (Later)
  • Ads: I’ve made rotating twitter messages and one-time Facebook ads for 11 services/products I use and enjoy. Adding more as they arise.
  • Store: Will add a store on my web site to share these with interested visitors.
  • Landing Pages: Have at least 3 articles promoting services I use. May convert these to landing pages. For future articles, I’ll use a landing page format with a CTA Widget based on the Category of the post.
  • Trigger goal: This will need far higher social media and web site engagement and traffic to drive meaningful revenues.
Physical Product Sales/Distribution
Software (no current plans)

I do this professionally already. Like Brian Moran and Russell Brunson, I am optimistic this will be a natural eventual extension of my product line.

4. Objective: Scale

Scales by Pixabay

Key Results:

Sales scale


  • Created a selling script and will use it in calls.
  • Hire a full-time sales person as marketing effectiveness improves

Support scale


Operations scale

  • Coupling courses and group training/coaching enables scale while still providing the necessary 1:1 training and support people in intensive change initiatives require
  • Can hire a graduate or coach as need arises for multiple groups

Org charts

  • Current org chart
  • +6 month org chart

New Channel: Engaged social media ecosystem growth


  • Facebook group follower growth
  • Tumblr subscriber growth
  • Medium subscriber growth
  • Twitter subscriber growth
    • Promote each product with 4 different messages per product at several different times (beginning and end) of each day, using Social Jukebox.
  • Facebook friend growth
  • LinkedIn connection growth
  • Instagram follower growth

New Channel: JV Partners (Later)


  • Change in # of Joint Venture Partners
  • Sales driven by JV Partners

New Channel: Affiliates (Later)

Roadmap photo by Julentto Photography on Unsplash


  • Change in # of Affiliates
  • Sales driven by affiliates

Key Result: Roadmap


  • Capital budget: Change Is Still Possible
  • Channel development plan (see below)
  • Portfolio roadmap, prospect and customer journeys
  • Editorial calendar

5. Objective: Be RecognizedBe recognized

Key Result: Be Endorsed

Meet new people and help them make a difference so big they spontaneously and authentically share the result with others.


  • Sharing their results with people they know,
  • Sharing their results with people they don’t know,
  • Bragging about their affiliation with me,
  • Bragging about their affiliation with the course and book, and
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Above 4

Key Result: Be AwardedAward


  • New Business
  • Best Seller
  • Guinness
  • Nobel

Opportunities for You

Find Purpose in Life

  • Craft your personal vision.
  • Write down 3q 2019 targets that will support your vision.
  • Create targets for the 3rd quarter and the next 12 months.

Create a Plan

  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals? Book a call with me. I guarantee you will leave our conversation with a breakthrough in your progress.

Document Lessons Learned

  • How is your progress on current goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized a recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it, and let the world acknowledge your progress!

Commit to Continuous Improvement

Stick with it. Lasting change requires continued focus for a time, until the new thoughts and actions become habits. At that point, it will be nearly impossible to change them! You will have achieved your goal, and it will be as natural and effortless as breathing.

For More Information

More about OKR’s

Accounting model: Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine, by Mike Michalowicz.

Digital products classifications: Danny Iny of Mirasee.

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