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Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 3 and 12 Month Accomplishments: April 4, 2019

Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 3 and 12 Month Accomplishments: April 4, 2019

3 and 12 Month Accomplishments

  • Every quarter I set new 3 and 12 month personal and business goals.
  • These accomplishments are related to business goals I set 3 and 12 months ago.
  • Personal accomplishments are in next week’s post.
  • I’ll share next quarter’s business targets in 2 weeks, and personal targets in 3 weeks.

Results Summary

1Q Results Summary

  • I set some big, aggressive goals this quarter, made progress on several, and missed more than I met.
  • I see an opportunity to increase labor leverage by using others’ time through delegation and service purchasing.
  • Statistical Summary:
    • Delivered 4.9 of 10 High Confidence Key Results = 49%
    • Delivered 0 of 1 Low Confidence Key Results = 0%

DylanCornelius.com 1Q Accomplishments Detail

Words in parentheses are: (confidence level beginning of quarter/Achievement/Rating)

Two child playing arrow: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.
  1. Reproduce introductory video for ChangeIsStillPossible.com (High/Unmet/0)
  2. Re-launch ad (High/Unmet/0)
    1. Cost per lead < $5 (high/Ran no new ads/0)
    2. Cost per sale < $150 (moderate/Ran no new ads/0)
  3. Draft, have attorney review, modify, and publish Privacy Policy (High/DONE/100%)
  4. Draft, have attorney review, modify, and publish Terms (High/DONE/100%)
  5. Draft, have attorney review, modify, and publish Coaching Agreement (High/DONE/100%)
  6. Launch LLC (High/DONE/100%)
  7. Recreate, redesign, and republish “Clear Direction” Planning Guide (High/Unmet/0)
  8. Complete first draft of Change Is Still Possible manuscript (High/90% of sections complete/90%)
  9. send first draft of Change Is Still Possible manuscript to editor (High/Unmet/0)
  10. Complete first draft of Finally Thin Forever manuscript (Low/Unmet/0)

DylanCornelius.com 12 Month Goals Update

  • Since I originally set goals a year ago, I’ve separated personal from business goals.
  • These are the business-related goals I set a year ago.
  • I’ve retained the original numbering here, so the count does not begin with 1…

12 Month Results Summary

  • My “goals” a year ago were often just statements of what I was planning to do, without metrics or measures.
  • I set a large number of goals 12 months ago, achieved several, and missed several.
  • In the following details, I’ve simply copied the original post, removed the words about progress I’d achieved that quarter, kept the forward-looking paragraphs, and assess progress.
  • For any work in progress (like books and courses), but not complete, I’ve rated myself 25% out of 100% possible.
  • Statistical measure: 443/700 = 63% achievement

12 Month Results Details

3. Create A Sale And Sustainable Revenue Stream Online: 293/600

  1. Advertising: 3%

    1. Goal: Grow traffic to 100s of unique users daily, then consider whether to move forward with website advertising.
    2. Result: Website has 100s of unique visitors monthly, so need to grow traffic by 30x to reach the advertising trigger.
    3. Assessment: 3% of goal
  2. Affiliates Goals: 40%
    1. Add more rotating twitter posts announcing new affiliate products as opportunities arise — Deprioritized affiliates until Advertising trigger goal is achieved (see above)
    2. Add more one-time Facebook posts announcing new affiliate products as opportunities they arise — Deprioritized affiliates until Advertising trigger goal is achieved (see above)
    3. Add use of a business Facebook groupDONE/100%
    4. Develop an editorial schedule for Facebook group — DONE/100%: Schedule = publish weekly blog posts
    5. Create more articles promoting services and products I use and appreciate. — Deprioritized until social media engagement or far higher social media or blog traffic can drive meaningful value for prospects and customers, and revenues for the company (see Advertising trigger goal above).
  3. ConsultingUnderway 100%
    1. I’ve begun a book about creating sustainable change in business, which will seed credibility, coaching and consulting clients — on hold in favor of a consumer-oriented book/course/coaching offering.
    2. I am currently working for a major bank, assisting them to accelerate delivery of their internal IT automation. Creating self-managed teams that collaborate naturally.
  4. Courses — In development 25%
    1. I am writing a book as a series of blog posts, based on my coaching practice. This will form the basis for additional books and courses.
  5. Coaching — Underway 100%
    1. Will deliver coaching in group and 1:1 form consistent with courses and books.
    2. Acting as agile coach in my current corporate employment.
    3. Next, I’ll improve the description of the offerings and create sales landing pages, then begin reaching out to  prospects to assess product/market fit and interest. — UNDERWAY Created ads and got zero appointments and zero sales. Working on better, more specific, product definition and related long form ad, video, and PLF launch sequence.
  6. Product Sales — In development 25%
    1. I’ve gotten marketing and copywriting help from Ray Edwards, attended Copywriting Academy Activation in Spokane, WA, read books including:
      1. Expert Secrets, by Russell Brunson,
      2. Building A Story Brand, by Donald Miller,
      3. 1 Page Marketing Plan, by Allan Dib, and
      4. Launch!, by Jeff Walker
    2. Soon I’ll develop and prototype courses like products, following a similar format to the coaching products.  — Underway: Defining products, landing pages, and a complete program/book. 
    3. I’m also producing my first book (about creating sustainable change in business), which I’ll promote and sell as a product. — DONE: Manuscript complete. Currently on hold pending consumer book and product development.
Handshake for sustainable online business
Win-win or no deal

4. Help Others And Receive Their Endorsement: 75%

  • Help others: 50%
    • Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC: 0%
    • Career employment: 100%
  • Receive endorsement: 100%
    • Received endorsement from my friend Janet for paid employment.
    • Received endorsement from my client Sandy, who left a beautiful review and referred me to at least one other person.
    • 1,575 LinkedIn connections, up 102 from 1,473 a year ago.
DylanCornelius.com (now Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC): 50%
  • I have signed no new clients related to DylanCornelius.com lifestyle change, weight loss, business development, or other products.
  • I received inquiries from:
    • a former coworker, who has not yet followed through.
    • a member of my running team, who has not yet followed through.
  • I ran an ad, which reached several thousand viewers, got 109 sign-ups to my email list, and 0 appointments.
  • Received endorsement from my client Sandy, who left a beautiful review and referred me to at least one other person.
Dylan Cornelius business consulting: 100%
  • I was sought out by a friend, Janet Morehead, who called me to tell me she had a job opening on her team, and they had stronger candidates on paper, but she wanted to work with me.
  • I applied, interviewed, and received the job in September.
  • Hooray! Thank you, Janet!


  • I set an aggressive set of goals 3 months ago, and did not meet several of them, including some I rated as high probability to finish. 
  • I set less specific goals a year ago, most of which I met or eliminated in favor of more appropriate goals. 
  • I have begun setting more specific goals than I had been setting a year ago.

My accomplishments this quarter vs. last 12 months is an example that we tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in the near future, but we tend to underestimate what we can accomplish in a longer timeframe.


Future Goals

Will you create resolutions or goals for a month, a quarter, or all of the next 12 months?

Current Goals

  • How is your progress on your current goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized a recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it in the comments below, and let the world acknowledge your progress!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?

Could you use more support reaching your goals?

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