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Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 3 and 12 Month Accomplishments: June 20, 2019

Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 3 and 12 Month Accomplishments: June 20, 2019

  • Every quarter I set new 3 and 12 month personal and business goals.

    • These are the results of my business goals over the last quarter.

    • Personal results are in next week’s post.

  • I’ll share next quarter’s goals in the first 2 weeks of net month.

2Q Summary

  • Overall, I met 9% of the goals I set 3 months ago. The goals I set were premature for the current stage of product development.
  • Alternatively, I sought more education and direction for developing this business.

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Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 2Q Results (Confidence Level) — STATUS

  1. April 11: Update website Terms of Use — DONE
  2. April 18: Reproduce introductory video for ChangeIsStillPossible.com (Medium) — NOT STARTED PENDING COMPLETION OF PRODUCT
  3. April 25: DylanCornelius.com web site messaging revamp (High) — NOT STARTED PENDING COMPLETION OF PRODUCT
  4. May 2: Re-release Facebook campaign for ChangeIsStillPossible.com or Weight Loss Course Pilot (Medium) — NOT STARTED PENDING COMPLETION OF PRODUCT
    1. Cost per lead < $5 (High)
    2. Cost per sale < $150 (Medium)
  5. May 9 and May 16: Release new ActiveCampaigns: — NOT STARTED PENDING COMPLETION OF PRODUCT
    1. warm up those who were interested in ChangeIsStillPossible.com (Medium)
      1. Write PASTOR script topics
      2. Write PASTOR script emails
      3. Host emails in ActiveCampaign
    2. for Weight Loss Course Pilot to those who were interested in ChangeIsStillPossible.com and/or weight loss (Medium)
      1. Write PASTOR script as tweets
      2. Publish tweets in Social Jukebox
      3. Write PASTOR script as emails
      4. Host emails in ActiveCampaign
  6. May 23: Use Google Keyword Planner to target ads for lifestyle change that link back to ChangeIsStillPossible.com long form sales landing page. (Medium) — NOT STARTED PENDING CLEAR DEFINITION OF MARKET NICHE
    1. Course Content
    2. Resources
    3. Weekly Group Mastermind
    4. 1-on-1 coaching
  8. June 6: Use Google Keyword Planner to target ads for lifestyle change that link back to Change Is Possible long form sales landing page. (Medium) — NOT STARTED PENDING CLEAR DEFINITION OF SEARCH TERMS
  9. June 13: Create a Google Analytics goal for Lead magnet optins. (Medium) — NOT STARTED PENDING CLEAR DEFINITION OF MARKET NICHE
  10. June 20: Update current org chart and Create +6 month org chart — NOT STARTED PENDING DEFINITION OF COMPLETE PRODUCT
  11. June 27: Release “Clear Direction” Planning Guide as a workbook (Medium) — NOT STARTED PENDING DEFINITION OF COMPLETE PRODUCT AND MARKET NICHE
    1. Connect to optin
    2. Share by ActiveCampaign to appropriate list members

Alternative 2Q results

DylanCornelius.com 2018 3Q 12 Month Goals

1. Create More Sales With Sustainable Online Revenue Stream

 Online Courses

  • Long form sales landing pages:
    • Assess product/market fit and interest in courses. — DEFINING MARKET NICHE(S)
    • Create more sales pages for more courses. — DEFINING MARKET NICHE(S)
  • Production: Produce first course based on experience delivering successful coaching results. — DRAFT COMPLETE
  • Facebook group: Add use of a business Facebook group and develop an editorial schedule for that. — HAVE GROUPS AND THEY ARE PREMATURE WITHOUT NICHE, PRODUCT DEFINITION, AND EDITORIAL SCHEDULE

Services: Coaching/Consulting/Writing/Training

  • Coaching:
    • I have another client ready to start. — HAD NO ADDITIONAL PAID CLIENTS
    • Will need to begin restricting amount of this service I offer as I return to corporate America. — CURRENTLY NOT PROMOTING THIS SERVICE
  • Group coaching will be available with all courses. — TO BE INCLUDED
  • 1:1 coaching will be available with all courses. — TO BE OFFERED
  • Training:Thanks to a referral by Bob Cadenhead, I’ve begun training mid-senior professionals toward professional certifications in project management, agile management, information systems management, and information security. — DID NOT CONTINUE BEYOND FIRST COURSE

Digital Products

I’ve begun a book about creating sustainable change in business, which will seed credibility, coaching and consulting clients. — COMPLETED DRAFT OF Change Your Life book

Audience-based activities: Speaking/Training

Will return to Toastmasters and begin seeking out speaking opportunities with professional associations and other interest groups, where I will share about the 9 P’s, sustainable change, and the results that are achievable with my courses. — DID NOT RETURN YET. STILL DEFINING MARKET NICHE AND PROBLEM SOLVED

Affiliate Marketing/Joint Ventures

  • Ads: I’ve made rotating twitter ads and one-time Facebook ads for 11 services I use and enjoy. Adding more as they arise. — NO MORE ADS UNTIL PRODUCT/MARKET FIT
  • Store: Adding a store on my web site to share these with interested visitors. — NO STORE UNTIL PRODUCT/MARKET/PROMISE IS DEFINED
  • Landing Pages: Have at least 3 articles promoting services I use. May convert these to landing pages. For future articles, I’ll use a landing page format. — HAVE NOT CONVERTED ARTICLES TO LANDING PAGES. HAVE NOT PUBLISHED MORE LANDING PAGES UNTIL PRODUCT/MARKET/PROMISE IS DEFINED
  • Trigger goal: This will require far higher social media engagement and traffic to drive meaningful revenues. — NO CHANGE. CURRENTLY 2 WEBSITE HITS DAILY, ON AVERAGE.

Third-party funding/sponsorships/Advertising

  • As an InsideTracker triathlete, I urge athletes and other high performance people to “take a selfie from the inside”, know their numbers, and make the best decisions for their personal health and fitness. — STILL PUBLISHING SUPPORTIVE ADVERTORIAL POSTS AND HOSTING RELATED ARTICLES. WILL DRIVE TRAFFIC FROM POSTS TO RELATED ARTICLES, THEN MY AFFILIATE LINK. 
  • Found a plugin that makes online ad sales seem easy. Found an article indicating 500 unique viewers daily would result in about $30 monthly revenues. Trigger goal here is to grow traffic to 100s of unique users daily, then consider whether to move forward with this. — TRIGGER GOAL NOT YET MET

2. Serve Others And Be Endorsed

  • Participants of 2 seminars and a Mastermind have provided very positive feedback.
  • 166 additional connections on LinkedIn.

Opportunities for You

  • Do you write goals too?
  • Do you have goals for a month, a quarter, or all of 2019?
  • How is your progress on current goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized a recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it in the Comments below, and let the world acknowledge your progress!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals? Book a call with me. I guarantee you will leave our conversation with a breakthrough in your progress.

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