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10 P’s to Change Your Life

10 P’s to Change Your Life

Sometimes it feels like we are powerless to change our situation in life.

Sometimes it seems like certain situations have always existed, and it even seems like nothing could ever change them.

However, in the thread of history, the only thing that has been reliable is … change.

Everything can change, and eventually everything will.

Armed with the recognition that everything can change, it’s important to recognize that some people and organizations specialize in creating change.

The roots of change are not mysterious or unknown.

Change can be created by applying a combination of engineering and social principles.

Some people and companies do it regularly as a matter of their fundamental business promise.

Anyone can create lasting change.

Anyone can create the change they wish to see in the world.

Lasting change requires a combination of factors to facilitate and sustain.

Conveniently, each of these things can all be described with a single word that begins with the letter “P”.

Here is a brief description of each of the elements of change, grouped into 4 Phases.

Pile Your Power

1. Power

Believe it or not, power comes entirely from within. While someone else can give you the tools, it will be up to you to use them.

Your power will come from a combination of things, and will exist as a collection of documents that encompass all your thoughts and plans on the route to your goal.

You will build a Power Board to focus your power.

These thoughts will include affirmations, beliefs, rules, regulations, and laws to which you subject yourself.

Plans will include the things you intend to produce, as well as the actions you intend to take, on your journey to your goal.

2. Policy

Policy is the rules we live by.

We all live by rules, yet many of us aren’t even aware of it!

You will expose the rules you live by that have been hidden to you until now. These include valuesaffirmations, beliefs, written and unwritten n rules, regulations, and laws to which you subject yourself or are subject.

You will write some of these rules newly. Others already exist. In the biggest scheme of things, you have some ability to influence all of them. You will determine which you will change, and which you will accept.

Plan Your Purpose

3. Purpose

Your purpose will exist as a collection of descriptions about the future you are willing to create, and things you will do to create it.

Among them, you will create a personal Vision and Mission.

4. Product

You will describe your intended outcome(s) as an increasingly detailed description, over several iterations.

You will name your product, and you may even create a prototype or model.

You will set goals, so you know with certainty that you are achieving results that are taking you toward your intended outcome, and so you know when you have reached it.

You will build your intended product over a series of iterations.

Plot Your Path

5. People

You will identify the people and organizations in your life who can and will support and hinder your progress.

You will identify people and organizations that will facilitate your success.

You will thoughtfully build and expand your team to increase the number of empowered people who empower you on your journey.

6. Places

You will identify the places in your life that can and will support and hinder your progress.

You will identify and build places that will facilitate your success.

You will thoughtfully expand the number of places in your life that empower you on your journey.

7. Plans

You will create plans to involve empowering people, and to empower them.

You will create plans to create empowering places, and to use them.

You will create plans to describe your intended outcomes, and to create them.

You will even create plans for when things don’t go as planned.

Perform and Produce

8. Practice

Practice is the foundation of all new results.

You will practice visualization and description, to define your intended outcomes.

You will practice planning, engagement of people, and modifying your environments and behaviors, to achieve new results.

You will develop new skills and habits as you practice, over time.

9. Perform

Your practice will yield results.

You will measure and assess your results.

You will modify intended outcomes, plans, teams, places, and behaviors in response to your results.

You will continue to practice.

10. Produce

As you continue, you will quickly observe changes, small and large, in your environment and your experience.

You will notice people acting in new ways around you.

You will be able to apply your new skills and habits in other areas of your life and business.

You will have a new means and understanding of your ability to impact your experience and the world around you.

Ultimately, you will realize that you have changed…

What Do You Really Want?

Are You Willing To Have It?

What's on your mind?

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